Inuyasha Lead Cast Members Kappei Yamaguchi, Satsuki Yukino Reminisce About Being Chosen (Updated)

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Voice actors Kappei Yamaguchi (Inuyasha's title character) and Satsuki Yukino (Inuyasha's Kagome) both reported on their respective Twitter accounts on Monday about when they were confirmed for the Inuyasha anime. Their posts did not specifically mention being confirmed for the upcoming Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (Han'yō no Yasha Hime) anime spinoff, only on their participation in the Inuyasha franchise.

The new anime will premiere in fall 2020.

Viz has the rights "to the digital streaming, EST, and home video" of the anime in North and Latin American territories.

Teruo Sato (Inuyasha episode director) is directing the anime at Sunrise, and Katsuyuki Sumisawa is in charge of the series scripts after doing the same for Inuyasha and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Takahashi herself is credited as the main character designer, with Yoshihito Hishinuma (Yakitate!! Japan, City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes) returning from Inuyasha to adapt her designs for animation. Kaoru Wada (3x3 Eyes, Battle Angel, The File of Young Kindaichi) is also back from Inuyasha to compose the music.

Korean developer Hammer Entertainment launched the Inuyasha - Yomigaeru Monogatari (Inuyasha - The Awakening Story) action role-playing game, the franchise's first smartphone game in Japan, on March 5. However, the game does not feature character voices.

Sources: Kappei Yamaguchi's Twitter account, Satsuki Yukino's Twitter account via Ota-Suke

Update: Yamaguchi and Yukino were posting about their memories about when they were confirmed for the original Inuyasha anime, and not confirming their return to the franchise. Thanks, kazenoyume and Somer-_-

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