Billboard Japan Revises Hot 100 Chart to Emphasize Longevity Over 1st-Week Sales

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda

Billboard Japan announced on June 2 that it has revised the point system for its Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart so that it will emphasize songs and singles that have stayed on charts longer than singles that have "explosive" sales over a single week.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart updates every Wednesday, showing the top played songs in Japan consolidated from different metrics, that the chart expresses in points. One of these metrics is single sales. The new system will now give sales less weight, and award points to singles that are able to stay on sales charts for physical and digital sales over more than one week.

Aside from physical CDs and digital downloads, the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart also awards points for music streaming (through Nielsen's Gracenote service), radio airplay time, Twitter trends of songs and artist names (through NTT Data Corporation), and karaoke play time.

Source: Internet Watch via Otakomu

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