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Daily Cosplay
Rise of the Guardians' Tooth Fairy

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Character: Tooth Fairy
Series/Movie: Rise of the Guardians
Cosplayer: Kyuu Vixen
Photographer: Colin Kelly

We asked photographer Colin Kelly, "Everyone has a "dream shoot." If you could go anywhere in the world, with any character ever imagined, what would your dream shoot be?"

"I'd like to go back to Paris and then back to Ireland for a week or two each. Both places would make such amazing backdrops and atmosphere. I really don't have a "dream" character because I want my photography to bring out the subject's personality and character more than a cosplay character. Each one of my photo subjects is unique and special in their own right, so they all have been a dream. I've met some really great cosplayers over the last year."


Are you a cosplay photographer, or do you have a favorite cosplay photographer that you work with? Each week, we'll be featuring a different cosplay photographer, and asking them not only to share a little bit about their point of view, but also a week's worth of their favorite photos. If you know anyone who would be interested, please e-mail us at [email protected] Thanks!

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