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Character: Godzilla
Title: Godzilla films
Cosplayer: Robert Snitchler
Photographer: Kiel MacDonald [Facebook]

We asked Kiel: "What tips can you offer those getting into cosplay photography to get the shots they want?"

"I've learned a bit over the past few years, often from other photographers, so hopefully some of these tidbits might prove helpful to people just starting in cosplay photography:

- Equipment is great, but knowing how to use what you already have (or a cheaper alternative) and maximizing that can still produce amazing results. It just takes research and practice. A well-trained and informed user with a smartphone can still usually take better pictures than an uninformed and unpracticed person with the best of equipment.

- That said... try to always have a backup battery, multiple memory cards, and a safe place to keep all of those things secure.

- As much as possible, try to research and get familiar with the characters you are shooting ahead of time (poses, mannerisms, source material, style, etc.)

- Learn to communicate openly, calmly, and respectfully with everyone (even other photographers)... it goes a long way into creating a good environment to shoot any models.

- Always try to shoot photos with an end-goal already in mind... and then practice getting a similar shot before you even meet up with a cosplayer.

- Take shots in 3-shot burst-mode (for static postes) or 10+ shot burst mode (for action shots) if you can. It's easier to delete a few bad photos than it is to spend hours trying to fix someone blinking, sneezing, looking the wrong way, someone walking into your shot, and such.

- It probably goes without saying, but in general people are more likely to respond to your online messages if you've already met them in person and have some, even a brief, connection. I think going out and jumping into conventions and meet-ups while being polite, friendly, and respectful is the fastest way to make connections and friends in the cosplay community and open up more exciting and adventurous options for photo shoots down the road."


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