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Actions Speak Louder than Words #BlackLivesMatter

by Christopher Macdonald,

Black Lives Matter.
I'm going to say a few other things, but that's the singular most important message here.
Black Lives Matter.

Anime News Network recognizes and appreciates our Black community members and we stand in solidarity with you as you fight against oppression.

Two weeks ago our community lost Zac Bertschy, and I guarantee that if he was alive today, he'd be marching with you in Southern California. That spirit of standing in solidarity with the oppressed was not unique to Zac, it's something that everyone at ANN, and ANN as a company, stands for as well.

It's not enough for platforms like ANN to simply say “we stand with you.” Actions speak louder than words, and it's important that we use our platform to do more than offer token messages of support. In the coming days, weeks and months, ANN will produce editorial that introduces, explores, and celebrates Black members of our community and industry.

In the meantime, I will personally make a small donation to Black Lives Matter Canada (I live in Canada), and I encourage every member of the community, to donate if they can afford to do it.

Charities you can support include:

In our own little Japanese pop culture corner of the world, I applaud Square Enix and The Pokemon Company for the funds they have committed to the movement. I strongly encourage the other companies in our space, and/or their owners or CEOs, to do the same.

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