SD Gundam Force (TV)

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Alternative title:
SDガンダムフォース (Japanese) 
SD鋼彈FORCE (Chinese (Taiwan)) 
Superior Defender Gundam Force 
Genres: action , adventure , comedy , science fiction 
Themes: mecha 
Objectionable content: Mild 
Plot Summary: The land of Neotopia is attacked by the Dark Axis, evil invaders from another dimension who wish to conquer this land. Neotopia's answer: the secret Super Dimensional Guard and their defenders, the Gundam Force. Led by Captain Gundam, the Gundam Force and its team of Gundams with special abilities are aided by a boy named Shute as they stop at nothing to defend the land from the Dark Axis and to defeat them once and for all. 
User Ratings: 490 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 7 votes (dub:5, sub:2)
 Excellent: 6 votes (dub:2, raw:1, ?:1, edit.dub:1, others:1
1 Tagalog dubbed
 Very good: 9 votes (dub:7, sub:2)
 Good: 24 votes (dub:14, sub:4, ?:2, edit.dub:2, others:2
2 Indonesian dubbed
 Decent: 36 votes (dub:20, sub:8, edit.dub:7, ?:1)
 So-so: 33 votes (dub:19, sub:7, edit.dub:6, ?:1)
 Not really good: 35 votes (dub:26, edit.dub:5, sub:3, ?:1)
 Weak: 43 votes (dub:28, edit.dub:9, sub:4, ?:2)
 Bad: 50 votes (dub:43, edit.dub:6, sub:1)
 Awful: 76 votes (dub:60, sub:13, ?:1, edit.dub:1, others:1
1 Cantonese subtitled
 Worst ever: 171 votes (dub:116, sub:33, edit.dub:16, ?:4, raw:1, others:1
1 Tagalog dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 1152 users, rank: #908 (of 5989)
Median rating: Bad
Arithmetic mean: 2.429 (Bad+), std. dev.: 2.6311, rank: #5945 (of 5983)
Weighted mean: 2.572 (Weak−), rank: #5943 (of 5983) (seen all: 3.68 / seen some: 2.60 / won't finish: 1.43)
Bayesian estimate: 2.691 (Weak−), rank: #4519 (of 4520)
Running time: 24 minutes per episode 
Number of episodes: 52 
Episode titles: We have 52
2003-09-01 to 2004-03-05 (Season One - USA) 
2004-01-07 to 2004-06-30 (Season One - Japan) 
2004-07-07 to 2004-12-29 (Season Two - Japan) 
2004-09-10 to 2005-03-25 (Season One - Canada, YTV) 
Opening Theme:
#1: "Sunrise" by Puffy (eps 1-13) 
#2: "Love & Peace" by little by little (eps 14-26) 
#3: "Taiyou Ni Kogarete (Yearn For The Sun)" by Harebare (eps 27-52) 
Ending Theme:
#1: "Shinjiru Chikara" by Whiteberry (eps 1-13) 
#2: "Kokoro Odoru (Dancing Heart)" by nobodyknows+ (eps 14-26) 
#3: "Kimi To Boku (You And I)" by I WiSH (eps 27-38) 
#4: "Koishikute... (I Miss You...)" by Les.R (eps 39-52) 
Official website:
Season 1 of the series aired in the U.S. four months ahead of the Japanese release. This was the first Gundam series to ever air in North America before Japan. However, North American markets did not receive Season 2 due to the first season's disappointing ratings.
Meanwhile, in Japan, SD Gundam Force scored a 2.1% viewership - the lowest viewer rating of all Gundam titles. This is despite having the most number of episodes for a Gundam title (52 compared to the 51 episodes of 1993's Mobile Suit Victory Gundam). 
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DVD (Region 1)
    SD Gundam Force - All New Adventures (Anime Legends) (DVD) 2008-05-20 (from $54.95)
    SD Gundam Force - The Hero Arrives (DVD 1) 2004-02-03 (from $10.00)
    SD Gundam Force - New Allies (DVD 2) 2004-02-03 (from $10.00)
    SD Gundam Force - Heroes United (DVD 3) 2004-04-27
    SD Gundam Force - Unknown Dangers (DVD 4) 2004-04-27 (from $10.00)
    SD Gundam Force - Up In The Sky (DVD 5) 2004-10-12 (from $39.99)
    SD Gundam Force - The Dark Axis Strikes Back (DVD 6) 2004-10-12
    SD Gundam Force - When Swords Clash (DVD 7) 2004-12-14 (from $29.98)
    SD Gundam Force - Neotopia Under Attack (DVD 8) 2004-12-14 (from $47.99)
    SD Gundam Force - Last Hope for Victory (DVD 9) 2005-01-04

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Yuuichi Abe 
Episode Director: Tomomi Mochizuki 
Music: Yoshihiro Ike 
Original creator:
Hajime Yatate 
Yoshiyuki Tomino 
Character Design: Takahiro Kimura 
Art Director: Gou Toutsuki 
Sound Director: Keiichi Momose 
Cgi Director: Yoshinobu Inano 
Assistant Director: Nobuhiro Kondo 
CG Model Supervisor: Tadao Kodaka 
CG Producer: Yoshishige Matsuno 
CG Technical Director: Kenichi Suzuki 
Color Coordination: Sayoko Yokoyama 
Editing: Ryuuichi Shimogawa 
Episode Manager:
Daisuke Saito (Frameworks Entertainment) 
Kentaro Inoue (Radix) 
Kentaro Takahashi (Radix) 
Satoshi Hirayama 
Graphic Design: Eiichi Hagiwara 
SD Design:
Takeshi Takakura 
Theme Song Performance:
Harebare (OP3) 
Little by Little (OP2) 
nobodyknows+ (ED2) 
Puffy (OP) 
Whiteberry (ED) 
Title Design: Eiichi Hagiwara 
Hiroshi Kamiya as Captain Gundam 
Romi Park as Shute 
Shuuichi Ikeda as Commander Sazabi 
Susumu Chiba as Bakunetsumaru, Ninja Gundam 

Akiko Nakagawa as
Daisuke Namikawa as Guneagle 
Eiji Yanagisawa as
Zapper Zaku 
Hiroshi Matsumoto as Destroyer Dom 
Juurouta Kosugi as Kanzenzen Daishogun 
Kazuya Nakai as Gundiver 
Kentarou Itou as Deathscythe, The Knight of Darkness 
Mantarô Iwao as Grappler Gouf 
Mitsuki Saiga as Zero The Winged Knight 
Taiten Kusunoki as Tallgeese, Knight Of The Tempest 
Takahiro Yoshimizu as Chief Haro 

Akio Ohtsuka as Professor Gerbera 
Aya Hisakawa as Keiko 
Daisuke Kita as Zako Soldier 
Daisuke Namikawa as Hogaremaru 
Eiji Maruyama as Britainmaru 
Eiji Yanagisawa as Gunpanzer 
Erino Hazuki as Koa 
Hirofumi Nojima as Kijumaru 
Hiroshi Matsumoto as Patrol GM 
Hisanori Koyatsu as Zako Soldier 
Kaoru Morota as Operator 
Katsuyuki Konishi as Ashuramaru 
Kentarou Itou as
Deed, The Knight of the Shining Blade 
Zako soldier 
Kiyotaka Furujima as Patrol Ball 
Kiyoyuki Yanada as Cobramaru 
Makoto Yasumura as Kinkaku 
Masanobu Kariya as Ginkaku 
Masayuki Tanaka as Kibaomaru 
Miyu Matsuki as Lilijimarna Miya Do Lacroa 
Rei Sakuma as Mayor Margaret Gathermoon 
Sawa Ishige as Elmechu 
Taiten Kusunoki as Epyon, Evil Warrior 
Takahiro Yoshimizu as Mark(ep 1) 
Takashi Nagasako as
Pawn Leo Commander 
Zako soldier 
Zakrello gate 
Takayuki Kondou as
Nataku, The Bronze Knight 
Pawn Leo 
Takuya Kirimoto as Rock, Knight Of The Hot Sands 
Tamotsu Nishiwaki as
Battle, The Crimson Knight 
Zako soldier 
Tetsuo Komura as
Bokunetsumaru, Undefeated of the East 
Yumiko Kobayashi as Genkimaru 
Yuuko Satou as
Japanese companies
English staff
English cast
Executive producer: Ken Iyadomi 

Script Translation: Tatsuhiro Nishiuchi 
Deborah Sale Butler as Shute 
Dominic Joseph as Commander Sazabi 
Doug Erholz as Captain Gundam 
Yello Lollicups as Bakunetsumaru 
Yuri Lowenthal as Bakunetsumaru 

Danny Katiana as Zapper Zaku 
Doug Erholz as Grappler Gouf 
Michelle Ruff as Sayla 
Paul St. Peter as Tallgeese 
Philece Sampler as Mayor Margret 
Scott Jasper as Chief Haro 

Aliki Theofilopoulos as
Bell Wood 
two Zakos 
Aliki Theopilopoulos as Bell Wood 
Danny Katiana as Kao Lin 
Dave Wittenberg as GunEagle 
Dominic Joseph as
Grey Doga 
Red Zaku 
Young Train 
Doug Erholz as Zaku Hour co-host 
Kate Savage as Keiko 
Paul St. Peter as Zakerello Gate 
Philece Sampler as Noah 
Scott Jasper as Mark 

English companies
Cartoon Network (Toonami) 
Slavokian Broadcasting Station (Slavokia, micronation) 
YTV (Canada) 
Licensed by: Bandai Entertainment 
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Ely Martin as Bakunetsumaru 

Ahlee Reyes as Gundamusai(Raimi) 
Anthony Steven San Juan as Grappler Gouf 
Roger Aquino as Zapper Zaku 

Anthony Steven San Juan as Genkimaru 
Tagalog companies
GMA Network (September 11, 2005) 
QTV Channel 11 (Official) 
Portuguese staff
Portuguese companies
Cloverway, Inc. (Brazil) 
Imagine Action Dálicença (Brazil) 
Portuguese cast
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast
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