Tekken: The Motion Picture (OAV)

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©1997 NAMCO LIMITED / ASCII CORPORATION / Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. 

Alternative title:
Tekken (Japanese) 
Tekken - The Animation (Italian) 
Tekken-Die Eiserne Faust (German) 
The King Of Iron Fist Tournament The Movie 
鉄拳 (Japanese) 
鉄拳 -TEKKEN- (Japanese) 
Genres: action , science fiction 
Objectionable content: Significant 
Plot Summary: After being thrown off a cliff as a child, Kazuya Mishima enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament to extract revenge from his father, multi-billionaire Heihachi Mishima. Meanwhile, WWWC operative Jun Kazama and Hong Kong detective Lei Wulong also enter the tournament to investigate on Heihachi's illegal activities involving cloning and genetic engineering. A handful of other skilled fighters are also in it merely to win the grand prize of $1 billion, not knowing of the true purpose of the tournament and fate that awaits them. 
User Ratings: 695 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 12 votes (dub:9, sub:2, ?:1)
 Excellent: 2 votes (dub:2)
 Very good: 20 votes (dub:17, sub:3)
 Good: 73 votes (dub:55, sub:13, edit.dub:2, others:3
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
 Decent: 87 votes (dub:56, sub:28, ?:2, raw:1)
 So-so: 50 votes (dub:29, sub:17, ?:1, edit.dub:1, others:2
1 Italian dubbed
1 French edited dub
 Not really good: 75 votes (dub:51, sub:22, edit.dub:1, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Weak: 75 votes (dub:48, sub:24, edit.dub:1, ?:1, others:1
1 German subtitled
 Bad: 86 votes (dub:56, sub:28, ?:1, others:1
1 Italian dubbed
 Awful: 106 votes (dub:55, sub:44, ?:3, edit.dub:1, others:3
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 German dubbed
 Worst ever: 109 votes (dub:55, sub:50, edit.dub:2, others:2
1 German dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
Seen in part or in whole by 1321 users, rank: #853 (of 6495)
Median rating: Weak
Arithmetic mean: 3.430 (Weak+), std. dev.: 2.6138, rank: #6382 (of 6494)
Weighted mean: 3.339 (Weak+), rank: #6403 (of 6494) (seen all: 3.35 / seen some: 2.76 / won't finish: 2.27)
Bayesian estimate: 3.410 (Weak+), rank: #4942 (of 4947)
Number of episodes: 2 
Vintage: 1998-01-21 to 1998-02-21 
Release dates: We have 1
Ending Theme:
"Hero" by Tsunami [Japanese version] 
"The Meaning of Life" by The Offspring [U.S. version] 
Tekken was released in Japan as an OAV with two half-hour episodes. ADV Films, the US licensee, combined the two episodes into a single one-hour movie, hence "The Motion Picture" subtitle. 
Loosely based upon characters from the games Tekken and Tekken 2. 
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DVD (Region 1)
    Tekken: The Motion Picture [Uncut] (DVD) 1999-01-26

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Kunihisa Sugishima 
Ryota Yamaguchi  (eps 1-2) 
Storyboard: Kunihisa Sugishima (eps 1-2) 
Music: Kazuhiko Toyama 
Original Character Design: Kazuaki Yanagisawa 
Character Design: Kazuaki Yanagisawa 
Art Director: Mitsuki Nakamura 
Animation Director:
Masaaki Kannan  (eps 1-2) 
Animation Character Design: Masaaki Kannan 
Animation producer: Masahiro Toyozumi 
Animation Production Advancement: Kazuyoshi Sakamoto (eps 1-2) 
Animation Production Desk: Hideo Deguchi 
Color design: Shinji Matsumoto 
Color setting: Masanori Fujimoto 
Coordination: Kunihisa Sugishima 
Digital Direction:
Shinyo Kondo (Studio Deen) 
Yoshihisa Oyama (Studio Deen) 
Digital Editing: Seiji Morita 
Digital Effects: Shouichi Uehara 
Digital Paint:
Aya Kawasaki (Digimation) 
Hirotaka Koizumi (Digimation) 
Itsuo Miyamoto (Studio Deen) 
Koji Kajita (Digimation) 
Kuniharu Arai (Digimation) 
Mayumi Iwamoto (Digimation) 
Motoko Fujikuro (Digimation) 
Naoki Kitamura (Digimation) 
Rumiko Takumi (Studio Deen) 
Ryusuke Shiino (Studio Deen) 
Tomoko Komoda (Digimation) 
Tomomi Iyama (Digimation) 
Toshie Suzuki (Digimation) 
Touyou Ikeda (Digimation) 
In-Between Animation:
Akie Miyamoto (Nakamura Production) 
Akihiko Machida 
En Xi Chen (Danni Animation) 
Fusako Kubota 
Haruhiko Sakuma 
Hideto Natsumeda (Nakamura Production) 
Izumi Kodama (Need) 
Jin Fang (Danni Animation) 
Jun Kurata 
Kaori Ikeda (Need) 
Kazuaki Sakurai 
Kazuhiro Takahashi (Nakamura Production) 
Kazuhiro Takamura (Nakamura Production) 
Kazutomo Ota (Nakamura Production) 
Kei Tsuchiya 
Kenichiro Ogata 
Mayumi Hidaka (Need) 
Mitsuru Nakata (Nakamura Production) 
Nami Nishioka (Need) 
Naomi Watanabe (Need) 
Norie Arikawa (Need) 
Norikichi Kataoka (Need) 
Retsu Ohkawara 
Takaaki Suzuki (Need) 
Tatsuya Uetsu (Nakamura Production) 
Tomoko Kosaka 
Tsugumi Kohata (Need) 
Yi Wang (Danni Animation) 
Yoshihiko Matsui (Nakamura Production) 
Yoshihiro Sato (Need) 
Yuki Tsuboi (Nakamura Production) 
Key Animation:
Akira Kasahara  (ep 1) 
Akira Matsunaga (ep 2) 
Eiji Abiko (ep 1) 
Eiji Nakada (ep 2) 
Hirokazu Hisayuki  (ep 2) 
Kazuhiko Wanibuchi (eps 1-2) 
Kazuhiro Itakura (Nakamura Production; eps 1-2) 
Kazuhiro Oki (eps 1-2) 
Keisuke Hamada (ep 2) 
Kenji Kuroyanagi  (eps 1-2) 
Kenji Nakagawa (ep 2) 
Kohei Yoneyama (ep 2) 
Konomi Sakurai (ep 1) 
Manabu Imura  (Nakamura Production; ep 1) 
Masahiko Kaneda (Nakamura Production; ep 1) 
Shinichi Takahashi  (Nakamura Production; ep 1) 
Shuji Nakanishi  (eps 1-2) 
Sumio Watanabe (ep 1) 
Tamotsu Ikeda  (Nakamura Production; ep 1) 
Yasuhiro Okuda (ep 1) 
Yoshitaka Yasuda  (eps 1-2) 
Yukiko Miyamoto (eps 1-2) 
Production producer: Koji Honda 
Recording Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi 
Sound Effects: Takahisa Ishino 
Theme Song Performance: Tsunami (ED) 
Daisuke Gouri as Heihachi Mishima 
Kazuhiro Yamaji as Kazuya Mishima 
Yumi Touma as Jun Kazama 

Akio Nakamura as Lei Wulong 
Akio Ohtsuka as Jack 2 
Kaori Yamagata as Anna Williams 
Minami Takayama as
Jin Kazama 
Nina Williams 
Seiji Sasaki as Bruce Irvin 
Shinichiro Miki as Lee Chaolan 
Tomokazu Seki as Lei Wulong 

Akio Ohtsuka as narrator 
Eri Sendai as Jun Kazama (young) 
Katsumi Chou as W.W.W.C. Director 
Minami Takayama as Kazuya Mishima (young) 
Narumi Hidaka as Michelle Chang 
Takashi Nagasako as Ganryu 
Tamio Ohki as Dr. Boskonovich 
Japanese companies
Animation: Nakamura Production 
Backgrounds: Design Office MECAMAN 
Digital Operation:
Studio DEEN 
Digital Paint:
Studio DEEN 
Key Animation: Nakamura Production (eps 1-2) 
Original Concept: Namco 
Production Assistance: Studio DEEN 
Recording Studio:
OP Requiem Studio 
Tokyo TV Center 
Sound Effects: Sound Ring 
Sound Production: Omnibus Promotion 
Video Editing: Tokyo Laboratory 
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Gary Dehan 
ADR Script:
Gary Dehan 
Jennifer Presto 
Executive producer:
John Ledford 
Sharon Papa 
Audio Mixing: Paul Killam 
DVD Coordination: Janice Williams 
Graphic Design: Andy Orjuela 
International Coordination: Toru Iwakami 
Music Supervision: Mack Hill 
Production Coordination: Janice Williams 
Project Translator: Kenzo Tsubai 
Sound Design: Paul Killam 
Sound Engineer: Charles Campbell 
Theme Song Performance:
Corrosion of Conformity ("Clean My Wounds") 
Soulhat ("Bonecrusher") 
Stabbing Westward ("Save Yourself") 
The Offspring (ED) 
The Urge ("Straight to Hell") 
Adam Dudley as Kazuya Mishima 
Edi Patterson as Jun Kazama 
John Paul Shepard as Heihachi Mishima 

Claire Hamilton as Anna Williams 
David Stokey as Lee Chaolan 
Ellie McBride as Nina Williams 
Gary G. Haddock as Lei Wulong 
Jessica Robertson as Michelle Chang 
Ken Webster as Dr. Boskonovich 
Mark O'Brien as Jack-2 

Amy L. Gamber as Operator 1 
Charles Campbell as Thug 1 
Claire Hamilton as Operator 2 
David Jones as Narrator 
Douglas Taylor as WWWC Chief 
Ellie McBride as Operator 3 
Gary Dehan as Thug 3 
Jacob Franchek as
Jin Kazama 
Kazuya Mishima (young) 
Jessica Schwartz as Jack-2's Little Girl 
Lowell Bartholomee as
Competition Fighter 
Thug 2 
Lucy Faris as Jun Kazama (young) 
Peter Harrell Jr. as Bruce Irwin 
Rolee Rios as Operator 4 
English companies
ADV Films (UK) 
Madman Entertainment (Australia) 
Licensed by: ADV Films 
Recording Facility: Monster Island 
French cast
French staff
Bernard Jung as Kasuya Mishima 
Mathieu Rivolier as Heihashi Mishima 
Philippe Roullier as Lee Shaolan 
Stéphanie Lafforgue as Jun Kazama 

Christine Paris as Nina Williams 
Colette Noel as Anna Williams 
Philippe Roullier as Lei Wulong 

Philippe Roullier as Narrateur 
French companies
ADR Studio: Studio Chinkel 
Broadcaster: Mangas 
Publisher: Dybex 
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Bruno Jorda as Lei Wulong (Spain dub) 
Geni Rey as Jun Kazama (Spain dub) 
José Luis Mediavilla as Kazuya Mishima (Spain dub) 
Pepe Mediavilla as Heihachi Mishima (Spain dub) 

Domenech Farell as Jack 2 (Spain dub) 
Gemma Ibáñez as Nina Williams (Spain dub) 
Graciela Molina as Anna Williams (Spain dub) 
Jordi Ribes as Lee Shaolang (Spain dub) 
Mar Roca as Michelle Chang (Spain dub) 

Enric Isasi-Isasmendi as Profesor Boskonovich (Spain dub) 
Spanish companies
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Anna Rita Pasanisi 
Translation: Yoshiya Hirohama 

Dialogues: Emanuela Baroni 
Dubbing Assistant: Silvia Menozzi 
Dubbing Sound:
Fabrizio Salustri 
Gioia Masi 
Dubbing Supervision: Gualtiero Cannarsi 
Post Production Director: Valerio Manenti 
Script Supervision:
Michele Gelli 
Vincenzo Martella 
Andrea Pochini 
Paolo Brunori 
Claudio Fattoretto as Heihachi Mishima 
Massimo De Ambrosis as Kazuya Mishima 
Silvia Tognoloni as Jun Kazama 

Alessandro Rossi as Jack-2 
Cristina Boraschi as Nina Williams 
Georgia Lepore as Michelle Chang 
Isabella Pasanisi as Anna Williams 
Mario Mastria as Dr. Boskonovich 
Roberto Chevalier as Lei Wulong 
Sandro Acerbo as Lee Chaolan 

Nino Prester as narrator 
Italian companies
Distributor: Dynamic Italia 
Dubbing: SEFIT-CDC 
German staff
German cast
Nina Marschke as Jun Kazama 
Stefan Rieger as Kazuya Mishima 
Tristan Vogt as Heihachi Mishima 

Barbara Seifert as Nina Williams 
Bruno Niederprüm as Lei Wulong 
Christopher Gottwald as Jack-2 
Lutz Glombeck as Dr. Boskonovich 
Maria Kurikova as Anna Williams 
Sasha Kaufmann as Lee Chaolan 

Anna-Maria Kuricova as Anna Williams 
Dinis Loures as Kazuya Mishima (als Kind) 
Sascha Kaufmann as Lee Chaolan 
Thomas Witte as Chef des WWWC 
German companies
Broadcaster: VOX 
OVA Films 
Dubbing: Aaron Synchros 
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Distributor: Dybex 
Dutch cast

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