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©1999 CLAMP/Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd., Bandai Visual Co., Ltd., Marubeni Corporation, Shelty Co., Ltd., Sega Enterprises Ltd., Victor Entertainment Inc., Animation Studio Mad House Co., Ltd., Movic Co., Ltd. 

Alternative title:
X: 1999 
X: La película (Spanish) 
X: The Movie 
X: Their Destiny Was Foreordained 1999 
Genres: drama , horror , psychological , supernatural 
Themes: bishounen 
Objectionable content: Intense 
Plot Summary: It's the year of destiny, and 15 year old Kamui Shiro, a powerful psychic, has returned to Toyko after a 6 year absence, having left when he was very young. He wants to be with his childhood friends, Fuma (his best friend) and Kotori, Fuma's little sister (and Kamui's possible girlfriend). He wants to protect them from all dangers, but destiny and fate are haunting Kamui and pulling in himself and his beloved childhood friends. It is his destiny and his sole decision to decide the fate of the world, no matter if he wants the role or not. Now it is a matter of if he will join the side of the Seven Seals and become the Dragon of Heaven to save mankind or join the Seven Angels and become the Dragon of Earth to destroy all civilization so the earth can heal itself from man's destruction. 
User Ratings: 1768 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 63 votes (sub:29, dub:27, ?:4, raw:1, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 German dubbed
 Excellent: 104 votes (sub:57, dub:33, ?:7, raw:1, others:6
4 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 French dubbed
 Very good: 227 votes (sub:114, dub:93, ?:3, raw:2, edit.dub:1, others:14
6 German dubbed
3 French subtitled
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 German subtitled
1 Russian edited dub
1 Spanish subtitled
 Good: 344 votes (sub:199, dub:120, ?:4, raw:4, edit.dub:1, others:16
7 German dubbed
3 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
1 German subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
 Decent: 306 votes (sub:165, dub:115, ?:6, raw:2, Eng:1, others:17
5 German dubbed
4 Spanish subtitled
2 French subtitled
2 Italian dubbed
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 German subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
 So-so: 186 votes (sub:93, dub:82, ?:5, edit.dub:2, raw:1, others:3
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
 Not really good: 148 votes (sub:87, dub:53, edit.dub:4, raw:1, ?:1, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
 Weak: 145 votes (sub:82, dub:56, ?:2, raw:1, others:4
2 German dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
1 German subtitled
 Bad: 119 votes (sub:62, dub:51, ?:3, raw:1, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Dutch subtitled
 Awful: 77 votes (dub:39, sub:33, ?:3, edit.dub:1, others:1
1 Korean subtitled
 Worst ever: 49 votes (dub:26, sub:21, others:2
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 German dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 3498 users, rank: #272 (of 6577)
Median rating: Decent
Arithmetic mean: 5.598 (Decent−), std. dev.: 2.447, rank: #5447 (of 6580)
Weighted mean: 5.543 (Decent−), rank: #5577 (of 6580) (seen all: 5.59 / seen some: 4.07 / won't finish: 2.88)
Bayesian estimate: 5.557 (Decent−), rank: #4735 (of 5027)
Running time: 100 minutes 
Vintage: 1996-08-03 
Premiere date:
1996-08-03 (Japan) 
2000-03-10 (USA, Seattle, Washington) 
2000-03-24 (USA, New York City, New York) 
2000-05-19 (Canada) 
Release dates: We have 6
Ending Theme:
"Forever Love" by X Japan 
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Trivia: We have 6
X/1999 DVD (Apr 28, 2002)
News: Show:
New Anime coming to Japan (Jul 24, 2001)
Clamp News (Jun 18, 2000)
Anime News Briefs (Feb 22, 2000)
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DVD (Region 1)
    X (DVD) 2001-09-25
Universal Media Disc
    X (UMD) 2005-12-06
    X - The Movie (Dub.VHS) 2000-07-25

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Rintaro 
Music: Yasuaki Shimizu 
Original creator: CLAMP 
Character Design: Nobuteru Yuki 
Art Director: Shuichi Hirata 
Chief Animation Director: Nobuteru Yuki 
Sound Director: Yasunori Honda 
Director of Photography: Hitoshi Yamaguchi 
Executive producer: Tsuguhiko Kadokawa 
Assistant Art Director: Hisashi Ikeda 
Assistant Director:
Daisuke Chiba 
Hiroyuki Tanaka 
Color design: Takako Suzuki 
Digital Composite: Taro Abe 
Digital Media Conversion Assistance: Makoto Negishi 
In-Between Animation:
Bo Hyun Han (Hanjin Animation) 
Bo Kwang Kim (Lee Production) 
Chae Ryung Yu (DR Movie) 
Chisako Ushijima 
Chitose Nakamine 
Chun Mi Bae (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Daisuke Takahashi 
Emi Nakano 
Eun A Hong (DR Movie) 
Eun Jeong Yeon (Sung San) 
Eun Ju Kang (Hanjin Animation) 
Eun Ju Ko (Sung San) 
Eun Jung Byun (DR Movie) 
Eun Sil Lee (Sung San) 
Eun Sun Kim (DR Movie) 
Geum-soo Kim (DR Movie) 
Hee Jung Choi (DR Movie) 
Hee Young Choi (DR Movie) 
Hee Yun Kim (DR Movie) 
Hiromasa Kunimasa 
Hiromi Nishikawa 
Hiromi Ota 
Hitomi Maeda 
Hye Kyoung Jung (Sung San) 
Hyo Seon Lee (DR Movie) 
Hyun Ji Park (DR Movie) 
Hyun Kyung Park (Hanjin Animation) 
Ikuko Akiyoshi 
Jae Woon You (DR Movie) 
Jang So-young (Sung San) 
Jeong Pil Hong (DR Movie) 
Ji Hyun Yun (DR Movie) 
Jin Hee Ju (Park Production) 
Jong Hyun Lee (Park Production) 
Jong-Hak Kim (Hanjin Animation) 
Jung Nam-Sun (DR Movie) 
Jung Ah Bang (Park Production) 
Jung Hee Shin (Hanjin Animation) 
Jung Ho Lee (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Kaori Furukawa 
Katsuya Yamada 
Kenji Murayama 
Kentarou Ohtsu 
Kim Young-Ran (DR Movie) 
Kumi Ishii 
Kumiko Tanihira 
Kyung Ah Ryu (DR Movie) 
Kyung Hee Jo (Lee Production) 
Kyung Hee Min (Park Production) 
Kyung Nam Ko (DR Movie) 
Kyung Ok Gu (Lee Production) 
Kyung Rock Seo (Park Production) 
Lee Sung Jae (DR Movie) 
Makoto Sawada 
Masaharu Sasai 
Masahiro Emoto 
Masaki Akita 
Masaki Kawai 
Masaki Ueguchi 
Mi Hwa Park (DR Movie) 
Mi Sun Nam (Hanjin Animation) 
Mineaki Kato 
Misuzu Ichinose 
Mitsuyoshi Yoneda 
Miyuki Yamashita 
Moon-Hee Kim (DR Movie) 
Myoung Seob Kim (DR Movie) 
Naoyoshi Nezu 
Oh Hee Kwon (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Pil Kang Kim (DR Movie) 
Ryōko Mabune 
Ryosuke Fujii 
Sakiko Watanabe 
Sanae Ochi 
Sang-Hee Ok (DR Movie) 
Seong Ho Kim (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Sook Nam Yun (Lee Production) 
Su Kyung Kim (DR Movie) 
Su Kyung Park (DR Movie) 
Sung Hee Jung (DR Movie) 
Tadashi Kaneda 
Tadashi Kubo 
Takaaki Sekizaki 
Takeharu Urata 
Tomoko Shimizu 
Tomomi Ishikawa 
Tomomi Tanaka 
Toshiharu Sugie 
Toshikazu Motozumi 
Toushio Kobayashi 
Yasuyoshi Suzuki 
Yoko Ikekawa 
Yong Sik Kim (DR Movie) 
Yoshio Hashimoto 
Young Guk Kim (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Young Mi Jeoung (Lee Production) 
Yu Kyoung Jung (DR Movie) 
Yu Mi Kim (DR Movie) 
Yuichi Watanabe 
Yukitoshi Morita 
Yuko Kato 
Yuko Uetake 
Yumi Hosono 
Yumiko Hashi 
Yun Suk Kim (DR Movie) 
Yuuki Yamagata 
Layout Cooperation:
Takashi Watabe 
Yasumitsu Suetake 
Music producer: Shiro Sasaki 
Aiko Tahara 
Deok Hee Heo (Hanjin Animation) 
Dong Hee Lee (DR Movie) 
Eun Hee Baek (Sung San) 
Eun Jung Jung (Hanjin Animation) 
Eun Jung Yun (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Eun Young Kim (Hanjin Animation) 
Eun Young Park (DR Movie) 
Gae Ryun Park (DR Movie) 
Gan Jung Kim (DR Movie) 
Hitomi Sugano 
Hye Jin Yeom (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Hye Jung Ra (Park Production) 
Hyo Kyung Kim (Hanjin Animation) 
In Suk Shin (Sung San) 
Jeong Eun Soon (Sung San) 
Ji Sook An (Lee Production) 
Jin Chae Park (DR Movie) 
Jin Young Heo (DR Movie) 
Jung Hyun Jo (DR Movie) 
Jung Ok Oh (Park Production) 
Jung Ryun Park (Park Production) 
Keiko Shibuya 
Kiichiro Higuchi 
Lee Eun Kyoung (Lee Production) 
Mi Ae Na (DR Movie) 
Mi Ja Son (Lee Production) 
Mi Sook Lee (Sung San) 
Mi Young Kim (Park Production) 
Min Young-Mi (DR Movie) 
Miyuki Ohdate 
Miyuki Yoshioka 
Moon Kyoung Kim (DR Movie) 
Moon Seong Hye (Hanjin Animation) 
Myoung Ok Lee (Lee Production) 
Myung Hee Jeon (DR Movie) 
Ok In Park (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Park Yoon Hee (Lee Production) 
Ryun Hee Lee (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Seo Saeng-Hoe (DR Movie) 
Seon Il Hwang (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Seon Young Park (DR Movie) 
Seong Ha Kim (Park Production) 
Shin Young Hwang (DR Movie) 
So Young Ryeo (Park Production) 
Sook Kyoung Kim (Sung San) 
Soon Ja Jo (Lee Production) 
Terumi Narita 
Tomoko Toki 
Yeo-Rok Kim (DR Movie) 
Yong-Sin Lee (DR Movie) 
Yoo-Kyoung Lee (Hanjin Animation) 
Yoshiko Kishi 
Young Hye Yoo (Kyung Kang ANIA) 
Young Ran Min (DR Movie) 
Young Shin Park (DR Movie) 
Young-Soon Choi (DR Movie) 
Yuka Nara 
Yukiko Ueyama 
Yun Hee Kang (DR Movie) 
Yurika Yanagisawa 
Photography Assistant:
Fumitaka Nikaido (Studio Cosmos) 
Hideo Sugaya (Studio Cosmos) 
Hiroshi Noguchi (Studio Cosmos) 
Junji Yaitabashi (Studio Cosmos) 
Kanae Hirano (Studio Cosmos) 
Katsunori Maehara (Studio Cosmos) 
Kazumi Miyata (Studio Cosmos) 
Masashi Takiyama (Studio Cosmos) 
Motoaki Ikegami (Studio Cosmos) 
Naohisa Haijima (Studio Cosmos) 
Satomi Kudo (Studio Cosmos) 
Shinji Ikegami (Studio Cosmos) 
Shoji Furusawa (Studio Cosmos) 
Takafumi Nishiyama (Studio Cosmos) 
Takashi Shimada (Studio Cosmos) 
Tetsuo Oofuji (Studio Cosmos) 
Toshikazu Kuno (Studio Cosmos) 
Yoichi Kuroda (Studio Cosmos) 
Yuichi Ono (Studio Cosmos) 
Yukie Hayashi (Studio Cosmos) 
Production Advancement:
Harumitu Okawa 
Ryo Ono 
Shigeru Hatakeyama 
Production Desk: Maki Nakagawa 
Production manager: Masao Morosawa 
Production producer: Yasuteru Iwase 
Publicity: Morikazu Wakizaka 
Recording: Shuji Inoue 
Sound Effects: Shizuo Kurahashi (Soundbox) 
Sound Production: Yoshimi Sugiyama 
Special Effects: Kunji Tanifuji 
Technical Assistant: Mikio Mori 
Technical Supervision: Iwao Yamaki 
Theme Music Director: YOSHIKI 
Theme Song Composition: YOSHIKI 
Theme Song Lyrics: YOSHIKI 
Theme Song Performance: X Japan (ED) 
Titles: Michitoshi Sugai 
Junko Iwao as Kotori Monou 
Ken Narita as Fuuma Monou 
Tomokazu Seki as Kamui Shirou 

Atsuko Takahata as Kanoe 
Emi Shinohara as Arashi Kishyuu 
Hideyuki Tanaka as Seiichirou Aoki 
Issei Miyazaki as Subaru Sumeragi 
Jouji Nakata as Kusanagi Shiyuu 
Kazuhiko Inoue as Yuuto Kigai 
Kotono Mitsuishi as Satsuki Yatoji 
Kouichi Yamadera as Sorata Arisugawa 
Mami Koyama as Karen Kasumi 
Rica Matsumoto as Nataku 
Tohru Furusawa as Seishirou Sakurazuka 
Toshihiko Seki as Shougo Asagi 
Yukana Nogami as Yuzuriha Nekoi 
Yuko Minaguchi as Hinoto 

Masako Ikeda as Tooru 
Japanese companies
Animation Production: Madhouse 
CG: Madhouse 
Digital Media Conversion Assistance: Toei Chemical Industry 
Distributor: Toei Co., Ltd. 
Film Developing: Toei Chemical Industry 
Photography Assistance: Studio Cosmos 
Recording Studio: Tokyo TV Center 
Sound Production: Arts Production 
Soundtrack: Victor Entertainment 
Technical Assistance: Continental Far East Inc. 
Theme Song Assistance: Excess Twenty-Four 
English cast
English staff
Dubbing Director: Michael Bakewell 
Script: George Roubicek 
Executive producer:
Laurence Guinness 
Marvin Gleicher 
Producer: Chris Bottone 

Casting: Jill Wilmot 
Dubbing Mixing:
Richard King 
Toby Harris 
DVD Author: Carol Marahilig 
DVD Encoding: Rodrigo Balsera 
DVD Menu Design: Davi Russo 
General Affairs: Kaoru Mfaume 
Re-Recording Engineer: Toby Harris 
Adam Henderson as Fuuma Monou 
Alan Marriott as Kamui Shirou 
Larissa Murray as Kotori Monou 

Ann Marie Zola as Satsuki Yatoji (Uncredited) 
Anne-Marie Lawless as Yuzuriha Nekoi 
David Harris as Seiichirou Aoki 
Denica Fairman as Kanoe 
Don Fellows as Nataku (Uncredited) 
Garrick Hagon as Seishiro Sakurazuka (Uncredited) 
Jeff Harding as Kusanagi Shiyu 
Mike Fitzpatrick as Sorata Arisugawa 
Nigel Whitney as Yuuto Kigai 
Rupert Degas as Shougo Asagi 
Teresa Gallagher as Arashi Kishyuu 
Toni Barry as Karen Kasumi 
William Dufris as Subaru Kimeragi (Uncredited) 

Liza Ross as Tohru 
Stacey Jefferson as Hinoto 
English companies
Encore Action 
Sci-Fi Channel (Ani-Tuesday) 
Madman Entertainment (Australia) 
Manga Entertainment (UK) 
Dubbing: Manga Entertainment 
Licensed by: Manga Entertainment 
French staff
French cast
Dubbing Director: Thomas Guitard 
Bruno Meyere as Fûma Monô 

Thomas Guitard as Kigai Yûto 

Alexandre Coadour as Seïshiro Sakurazuka 
Alice Beauvallet as Kotori enfant 
Amélie Quirion as Satsuki Yatoji 
Aurore Yrondy as Nataku / Kazuki 
Bruno Magne as
Kusanagi Shiyû 
Seishiro Aoki 
Claire Guyot as Hinoto 
Damien Da Silva as Sorata Arisugawa 
Geneviève Doang as Kotori 
Leslie Michelet as Yuzuriha Nekoï 
Ludiwine Grand as Tohru 
Maëva Pierre as Arashi Kishû 
Maïk Darah as Kanoe 
Martin Berberian as Subaru Sumeragi 
Olivier Doyen as Homme de la gare 
Rémi Caillebot as Kamui Shirô 
Rokhaya Diallo as Kamui enfant 
Shina Dabady as Fuuma enfant 
Suzanne Sindberg as Karen Kasumi  
Tanguy Matioszek as Shogo Asagi 
French companies
Ciné Cinema Famiz (from 8 February 2009) 
Orange Ciné Choc (from February 2011) 
TPS Cineculte (from May 2006) 
Distributor: Kaze 
Dubbing: GotohWan 
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Dubbing Director: Miriam Guilimany 
Translation: Noemí Cuevas Rebollo 
Joel Mulachs as Kotori Monou (Spain dub) 
Jordi Pons as Fuuma Monou (Spain dub) 
Masumi Mutsuda as Kamui Shirou (Spain dub) 

Aleix Estadella as
Kusanagi Shiyuu (Spain dub) 
Nataku (Spain dub) 
Angel de Gracia as
Subaru Sumeragi (Spain dub) 
Yuuto Kigai (Spain dub) 
Berta Cortés as Yuzuriha Nekoi (Spain dub) 
Claudio Domingo as Sorata Arisugawa (Spain dub) 
Eduard Itchart as
Seiichirou Aoki (Spain dub) 
Seishirou Sakurazuka (Spain dub) 
Elisa Beuter as Arashi Kishyuu (Spain dub) 
Elisabet Bargalló as Satsuki Yatoji (Spain dub) 
Esther Solans as Karen Kasumi (Spain dub) 
Josep Maria Mas as Shougo Asagi (Spain dub) 
Miriam Guilimany as Kanoe (Spain dub) 

Aleix Estadella as Bestia (Spain dub) 
Berta Cortés as Kamui (child) (Spain dub) 
Elisabet Bargalló as Fuuma (child) (Spain dub) 
Joel Mulachs as Kotori (child) (Spain dub) 
Nuria Doménech as Hinoto (Spain dub) 
Spanish companies
Distributor: Jonu Media (Spain) 
Dubbing Studio: Q.T. Lever (Spain dub) 
Translation: TRADUCCIONES IMPOSIBLES (Spain dub) 
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Graziano Galoforo 
Script: Fiamma Molinari 
Executive producer: Nicola Bartolini Carrassi 

Dania Cericola as Kanoe 
Daniele Demma as Nataku 

Alessandra Karpoff as Yozuriha 
Anna Maria Tulli as Arashi 
Cinzia Massironi as Toru 
Claudio Moneta as Surata 
Donatella Fanfani as Hinoto 
Emanuela Pacotto as Satsuki 
Federica Valenti as Kotori 
Flavio Arras as Subaru 
Ivo De Palma as Fuma 
Loredana Nicosia as Karen 
Luca Semeraro as Shogo 
Marco Balbi as Kusanagi 
Marco Balzarotti as Seichiro 
Simone D'Andrea as Kamui 
Stefano Albertini as Seishiro 
Italian companies
Broadcaster: Man-Ga 
Distributor: Yamato Video 
German staff
German cast
Gerrit Schmidt-Foß as Fuuma Monou 
Marie Schramm as Kotori Monou 
Sebastian Schulz as Kamui Shirou 

Dennis Schmidt-Foß as Kusanagi Shiyuu 
Rubina Kuraoka as Yuzuriha Nekoi 
Tobias Müller as Subaru Sumeragi 
Viktor Neumann as Seiichiro Aoki 

David Turba as Nataku 
Giuliana Jakobeit as Hinoto 
Heide Domanowski as Kanoe 
Julia Kaufmann as Satsuki Yatouji 
Julien Haggege as Daisuke Saiki 
Magdalena Turba as Kotori Monou 
Maria Koschny as Arashi Kishuu 
Matthias Hinze as Seishirou Sakurazuka 
Peggy Sander as Karen Kasumi 
Robin Kahnmeyer as Sorata Arisugawa 
Timmo Niesner as Kakyou Kazuki 
German companies
OVA Films 
Dubbing: brandt Film Berlin 
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Distributor: Manga DVD 
Dutch cast
Russian staff
Russian companies
Distributor: Mega-Anime 
Russian cast

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