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Anime News Network's Holiday 2015 Gift Guide
Collectibles & Cool Stuff

by Zac Bertschy,
ANN's Holiday Gift Guide Sponsored By:


Yen Press

Tokyo Otaku Mode

Royal Twintails Pillow

Have you ever loved a hairstyle so much you wanted to wrap yourself up in an enormous pillow-like representation of it? No? Well here's your chance! This is pretty clearly a novelty item, but I'll be honest – it looks pretty comfortable, and who doesn't like a nice set of ponytails, right? Not to mention the incredible value something this bizarre would have as a conversation piece. Yep, now that I think about it, every home should have Royal Twintails Pillow.

Retail Price: US $163
Shopping Link: Japan Trend Shop

Neko Atsume Character Strap

This is 100% the first – and last – Christmas where you could potentially give someone cute little phone straps with the Neko Atsume cats, because by this time next year there's no way anyone will still be talking about Neko Atsume. I mean, it's cute and all, and who doesn't love adorable phone kitties, but name a distraction like Neko Atsume that remained in the zeitgeist for longer than 6 months. So this is it – whoever you give these to, if they're in to Neko Atsume, will absolutely love you forever for this gift, but only at this exact time, in this exact moment. Who wouldn't leap on that?

Retail Price: US $4.69
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Godzilla Bank

Hey, why am I giving Godzilla money?! That guy's loaded! His films have collectively grossed nearly a billion dollars worldwide! And yet here we are with an automated machine that takes MY money and gives it to a billionaire radioactive lizard. That's capitalism for ya.

Retail Price: US $53
Shopping Link: Japan Trend Shop

Attack on Titan ChoroQ

I believe, truly and with all my heart, that this the perfect piece of Attack on Titan merchandise. I don't claim to know or understand why –

but it is art.

The car's expression.

Levi's expression.

It all comes together beautifully in a piece that is at once comical, and yet also commentative. Bravo, ChoroQ. Bravo.

Retail Price: US $18
Shopping Link: Japan Trend Shop

Kokeromin Cat Musical Hand Puppet

Well, if this isn't the ultimate gift, I don't know what is. It's a musical puppet kitty cat you play with your hand, so as you flap his little puppet mouth, a series of screeching electronic meows emits from him like a howling siren. The kind of “music” you can make with this guy is avant-garde, so get ready for your accolades and paychecks from the world of high art. What I'm saying is simple: the Kokeromin Cat will change your life and the lives of anyone you buy one for.

Retail Price: US $181
Shopping Link: Japan Trend Shop

Sailor Moon Proplica Spiral Heart Moon Rod

Proplica stuff is all the rage for Sailor Moon diehards right now, and this particular replica of Usagi's Spiral Heart Moon Rod is pretty impressive. The wand plays both the Moon Spiral Heart Attack (which sounds dangerous!) and the Rainbow Moon Heart Ache (which surely comes right before the Moon Spiral Heart Attack, right?) battle sounds, AND it's the biggest Proplica wand yet. You have to imagine this is basically as close as you're going to get to the real thing, minus the magical combat powers and all that. If you wanted to be Sailor Moon growing up, is it really worth the risk of letting down your inner child by NOT purchasing this?

Retail Price: $98.99
Shopping Link:

Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Barbados Model Kit

So here's something extremely rare: merchandise for a popular show that's airing right now! This almost never happens – anime merchandise usually lags behind a show's airing by at least 6 months – but since this is Gundam, and Sunrise is always prepared for such a situation, they have models from the currently-airing and surprisingly popular Iron-Blooded Orphans available right now! If there's a Gundam fan in your life, this is basically perfect.

Retail Price: US $12.95
Shopping Link:Amazon

Nendoroid Saitama

We're going to get into some preorders here, but just stay with me – this stuff is worth it! This one is totally obvious, though: One-Punch Man is the biggest hit of the fall season, and here's hero Saitama's obligatory Nendoroid. It looks great, as per usual, comes loaded with accessories (I'm particularly fond of the grocery bag), and it's still available for preorder. Here's where you come in: Nendoroids of popular characters like Saitama sell out really quickly, so if you want one, it's best to get a preorder in. Whoever you're buying this for won't get it immediately, but they will thank you profusely when April comes around and they're the one holding a Saitama of their very own.

Retail Price: US $40
Shopping Link: GoodSmile

Figma David

Here's another pre-order. I don't even have to hard-sell you on this, do I? Look at it. Just take it in. You're already clicking that preorder button.

Retail Price: US $45
Shopping Link: GoodSmile

Nendoroid Celty

I tried to keep the list Nendoroid-lite given the sheer number of these things and their general dominance of just about every list of otaku giftgiving ideas out there, but this is another example of “here's a show that's presently airing and enjoying a resurgence in popularity AND there's cool merchandise available”. If your giftee is a Durarara fan, this has generally been their year – the show is enjoying not one but three sequel series – and this super-cool rendition of iconic motorcycle phantom Celty is available. Perfect timing all around.

Retail Price: US $38.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

FMA Flashlight Keychain

These little emblem flashlights are everywhere right now, available in all shapes and varieties. They project an image on the wall, kinda like a laser pointer; this one displays a number of symbols from Fullmetal Alchemist, which is enjoying a small renaissance in popularity this fall thanks to the rerelease of the 2003 TV series. It's a cool little stocking stuffer for the FMA fan in your life.

Retail Price:
US $5.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Play Arts Kai D-Dog

Here are a few facts about anime fans:

1. A whole lot of them played Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
2. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain features the greatest dog in videogame history, D-Dog.
3. There is a figure of D-Dog available, which means your Christmas shopping is now finished.

This is a preorder, but not for long – it's out in January, so if you're worried about delayed gratification, it's not so bad. Just look at his little face!

Retail Price: US $120
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Play Arts Kai Bebop Vicious

There really aren't a whole lot of Cowboy Bebop toys – especially for this character, whose memorable shootout with Spike in episode 5 is one of the most enduring iconic images in anime. He's a little pricey, but these Play Arts figures aren't messing around; they come with a host of accessories, and this guy's no different. You even get his evil crow!

Retail Price: US $69.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Voltron 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition Set

Pretty much any kid who grew up in the 1980s wanted – very specifically – an enormous die-cast metal Voltron where all the lions can individually separate and form together. This not only does all of that, but when you plug Voltron into the base, it plays music and sounds from the series. Basically, this IS the toy that all those 7-year olds dreamed about, only it actually exists, and the folks who remember wanting one might be able to afford one now!

Retail Price: US $149.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Real Action Heroes: Eren

Earlier in the guide I already presented you with the finest piece of Attack on Titan merchandise available, but if you really need more than that (which I honestly have a hard time imagining, but alright) then I suppose this could supplement the ChoroQ car. It's a hyper-articulated version of Eren from the lavish (and lavishly-priced) Real Action Heroes line, known as one of the finest toy lines in Japan. Eren comes with a variety of faces and accessories and will basically look like he leapt right off screen while posing on your desk.

But it's no ChoroQ.

Retail Price: US $221.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

SAH Parasyte

Another in the increasingly long list of items from shows that are actually popular right in this very moment, Tokyo Otaku Mode has this pretty sweet-looking, somewhat-articulated action figure of Shinichi and Migi from the hit action series Parasyte. This show is tearing up Adult Swim right now, and had a mountain of fans beforehand, so this is pretty handy.

…get it?

Retail Price: US $59.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Haruka Nanase 1/8th Scale Figure

Here's another preorder, but this vinyl figure of everyone's favorite water-worshipping heartthrob from Free! is not only one of the best plastic representations of this character so far, but I'm pretty sure you could actually splash water on this and not worry about damaging it. Which means you could – and I don't mean me, I mean you, or really anyone who would want to buy this – you could take this in the bathtub with you for some incredible underwater adventures. Again, you or really anyone – not me. Nope.

Retail Price: US $103.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

ARTFX J Mononoke Medicine Seller

There isn't a whole lot of merchandise for the cult hit Mononoke, but this PVC statue is enough, really. It's a highly detailed representation of the Medicine Seller from that dark supernatural drama, and if you know the kind of anime fan who digs on shows like Mononoke, you really can't go wrong here.

Retail Price: US $114.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Amagi Brilliant Park Isuzu Sento Ani Statue

Amagi Brilliant Park, a Kyoani joint that took a little longer than usual to arrive on American shores, nevertheless attracted a dedicated and passionate fanbase. This here's a highly detailed statue of Isuzu, resting her tuchus on a cloud, like all beloved anime girls do from time to time. Perfect for the Kyoani fan who keeps pestering you to watch Sound! Euphonium (and you'd better be ready to buy some Sound! Euphonium statues next Christmas!).

Retail Price: US $94.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Namakemono Mikke Plushies

Look, I'm not saying you HAVE to buy 30 of these so you can roll around in a huge pile of cuddly sloths, I'm just saying it would be a really great way to spend Christmas.

Retail Price: US $19.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Mogucchi Miitan Plushies

Likewise, I am NOT saying you absolutely need to buy enough of these stacking chubby kitty plush things to build a fort out of with enough left over to lob at your enemies and potential usurpers, but again, this would be a really fantastic way to spend Christmas.

Retail Price: US $25.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode


Shikinami Asuka Langley Life-Size Statue

Look, we've all seen it, we've all thought about it. Don't pretend you haven't. Don't pretend you haven't seen this lifesize Asuka statue somewhere out in the world – be it a particularly ambitious local anime shop, or a convention, or maybe even at your buddy's place. Don't pretend you haven't thought, sincerely, for at least half a second, about owning one of these. You have. We all have. It's okay to dream.

You can click this link and just buy one. One click. Can you resist?

Retail Price: US $5216.99
Shopping Link: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Darth Vader Samurai Warrior Doll

I bet you thought you'd get through this entire gift guide without even one piece of Star Wars merchandise, didn't you? You were like “surely this gift guide on an anime and manga site is free of Star Wars, which has virtually no connection to anime whatsoever! Surely here I will find some respite from the neverending onslaught of Star Wars marketing!” Ha-HA! That's where you're wrong.

This here's a fantastically expensive but pretty slick looking Darth Vader samurai doll, all carefully handcrafted from expensive materials in the fashion of antique musha ningyo art. It's the kind of thing you see in the background of a photo of the CEO of a startup company. Good for dads, right? If you have a spare few thousand bucks laying around, anyway.

Retail Price: US $1814
Shopping Link: Japan Trend Shop

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