ANN's Most Read News Articles of 2018

by Lynzee Loveridge,

The sheer output of anime each season in 2018 means more news articles for our team to tackle to keep our readers in the know. This year, Anime News Network's News team published 8,159 articles. This feature went dormant for a few years, but 2017 had a total of 7,711 news articles. Our output has continued to grow year after year thanks to all of your support.

So then, shall we take a look at the most read news articles of 2018? Please note that, this list is entirely statistical, tabulated from the articles that received the most page views in 2018. It is not a reflection of our opinions on the importance of these, or other, news stories.

Articles marked with a "**" were published in 2017 or earlier but still made it on the list.

  1. Seven Deadly Sins Anime Reveals New Season's January 2018 Premiere, Title, Cast, Staff, Visual, Trailer**
  2. Netflix Premieres New Baki Anime Series in Summer 2018 in Japan, in Fall 2018 Outside of Japan**
  3. Scriptwriter, Director Akira Miyazaki Passes Away at 84
  4. Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Series: 2018 (First Half)
  5. One Piece Voice Actor Tetsuo Goto Passes Away
  6. Funimation Reveals English Dub Cast For My Hero Academia Season 2 Anime**
  7. Yarichin Bitch-bu Boys-Love Manga Gets Anime DVD in September
  8. Yu Yu Hakusho's New Original Anime Reveals Story Details, Staff, Cast
  9. Dragon Ball Super Film Reveals Dragon Ball Super: Broly Title, Visual
  10. Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky Anime Film Reveals Trailer, Visual, More Cast
  11. UPDATED: Man Threatens Shooting at Anime Expo, Authorities Notified
  12. Fairy Tail TV Anime Gets 'Final Season' in 2018**
  13. Sweet Punishment Manga About Prisoner & Sadistic Guard Gets TV Anime
  14. Funimation Announces Re:Zero Anime's English Dub Cast
  15. 'Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?' Anime Gets 2nd Season, Film Project (Updated)
  16. Kakegurui Anime Gets 2nd Season
  17. Overlord Anime Gets 3rd Series (Update)
  18. Man Arrested for Uploading One Piece Manga Using Perfect Dark Software
  19. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind Manga Gets TV Anime in October
  20. Re:Zero Anime's New Episode Revealed in Promo Video**
  21. Toei Animation to Establish Department Focused on Dragon Ball
  22. Attack on Titan Season 3 Gets World Premiere in U.S., Canadian Theaters<.a<
  23. A Certain Magical Index TV Anime Season 3 Confirmed For 2018**
  24. Back to the Future Manga by One-Punch Man Artist Yuusuke Murata Cancelled
  25. Voice Actor Unshō Ishizuka Passes Away at 67

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