Unbreakable Machine-Doll Give-Away

Today is the day that FUNimation Entertainment releases Unbreakable Machine-Doll (BD/DVD Combo) in regular and limited editions. To celebrate, FUNimation has decided to let ANN give away this beautiful Kotobukiya figure of Yaya from Unbreakable Machine-Doll (a $99 value).

You may have seen Unbreakable Machine-Doll, but both of these complete editions include six new, never-before-seen OVAs. These OVAs are something quite special; here's what FUNimation tells us you can expect from them:

  • A prologue or episode Zero, that takes place before we first meet Raishin and Yaya in the first episode on their way to school;
  • FANSERVICE! While the TV series was kept a bit more tame for broadcast reasons, the OVAs unashamedly embrace the type of fanservice harem fans have come to appreciate:
    • The obligatory hot springs episode where the girls not only get exposed, but get cold. Fearing a peeping tom, magical powers turn the outdoor bath into a frozen pond. Brrr;
    • The obligatory girls in the bath: Frey borrows Charlotte's bath to bathe her dogs, and Sigmund get's blindfolded while the girls end up naked in the bathroom;
    • Helping out at the power plant and it's attached coolant water supply, several character send up in their bathing suits when they battle some mysterious force;
  • Innuendos abound:
    • Yaya is ready for Big Ben!
    • Cruel, Kimberley, and Shoko have a discussion about the intricacies of magic, and Cruel daydreams a steamy turn to the conversation (making the lecture sound more like bed talk);
  • But there's more than just fanservice in the OVAs, fans of the series who appreciate the character-driven plot will appreciate a special memory from Raishin's past with his sister Nadeshiko;
  • Despite the seeming differences between each OVA, they are tied together by a common theme of magic: the Metatron. To find out what that is, well you're going to have to watch it!

Check out the trailer:

In addition to the six wonderful OVA episodes, the limited edition also comes with a beautiful 12-page art book and a collectible rigid box.


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