Sailor Moon R Limited Edition Give-Away

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Thanks to VIZ Media, we're giving away: three (3) Sailor Moon R set 1 Limited Edition with coin. These will be sent out to the lucky recipients in August.

After their epic battle, the Sailor Guardians are called back to action when some new and powerful enemies appear! Ail and An are alien siblings bound to the mysterious energy-devouring Makai Tree. And the Black Moon Clan, led by Prince Demande, has the power to destroy all of future Crystal Tokyo! Things get complicated when a mysterious pink-haired girl falls from the sky, demands the Legendary Silver Crystal, and claims Mamoru for her own! Could there also be a new Sailor Guardian? Note: Sailor Moon R is the second season of Sailor Moon, picking up where the first season left off.

Set comes with episodes 47-68 plus a 96-page full-color booklet, all housed in a shimmery chipboard art box with room for part 2 coning this October!

Extras Include- Anime Expo Cast Interviews, Dub Recording Behind-the-Scenes, Art Gallery, Opening and Ending Songs, Trailers.

Languages- English, Japanese, English subtitles.


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Mailing address: (where to send the prize)

Double-check your answers and then: [CLOSED]
Enter before 11:59 PM EDT on 2015-07-30.

The winners have been announced here

Can't wait till August ? Order your copy of Sailor Moon R right now on, or Rakuten.

Desperately want the Limited Edition, but can't afford it? Get the DVD release for under $25 here.

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