Hatsune Miku-Colored Blue Yakisoba Noodles Sold in Japan

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Fried blue noodles with long onions sold this weekend at Tokyo's Akihabara

The cosplay café "Koakuma no En Little BSD" (Little Devil's Feast Little BSD) revealed a new item this weekend: blue-colored Hatsune Miku yakisoba (fried noodles) with long onions. The café began selling a limited number of the noodle meals at the Moe1 Grand Prix exhibition on Saturday at the Bellesalle Akihabara hall. The noodles sold for 700 yen (about US$9) each, and only 30 meals were available for purchase on the first day.

The noodles were only sold on Saturday and Sunday, and were used as a promotional item for the cosplay café. (Each set came with a 50%-off coupon.) The noodle meal will not be sold at the café itself.

The Akiba Blog has posted more photographs of the noodles in higher resolution.

Source: Akiba Blog

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