Tales of Fans Rank Favorite Characters, Duos, More in 2014 Poll

posted on 2014-06-02 15:30 EDT by Sarah Nelkin
Readers of Viva Tales of Magazine publication vote in annual poll

Emcee at Tales of Festival 2014 Kaori Nazuka (voice of Tales of Innocence's Ange) announced the results of the various popularity polls that readers of the Viva Tales of Magazine voted on. Tales of Vesperia's Yuri (voiced by Kousuke Toriumi) and Tales of Destiny's Leon (Hikaru Midorikawa) were exempt from the popularity contest, as they were put into the popularity Hall of Fame last year. However, Hikaru Midorikawa's other character in the Tales of Destiny games Judas was exempt from this rule...

Best Partners (hero and heroine):
1) Ludger and Elle - Tales of Xillia 2
2) Lloyd and Collet - Tales of Symphonia
3) Cress and Mint - Tales of Phantasia
4) Stahn and Rutie - Tales of Destiny
5) Yuri and Estelle - Tales of Vesperia

Most Difficult to Defeat Enemy

1) Barbatos - Tales of Destiny 2 (because he keeps on showing up)
2) Julius - Tales of Xillia 2 (for the reason of sadness, not actual difficulty)
3) Dhaos - Tales of Phantasia (because of his Dhaos Beam attack)
Other entries - Kratos (Tales of Symphonia), Asche (Tales of the Abyss), Gaius (Tales of Xillia)

Most Useful Skills
1) Majinken (Demon Fang)
2) First Aid
3) Nurse

Most Popular Character

After the top 30 through 20 were announced, Zelos tried to botch the contest (with correction fluid) to make it look like he won first place. Although Alvin said he didn't do it, Reala and Ange suspected him. However, Yuri had set up video cameras catching the culprit on camera.

30) Tear - Tales of the Abyss
29) Elize - Tales of Xillia
28) Richard - Tales of Graces
27) Gaius - Tales of Xillia
26) Collete - Tales of Symphonia
25) Kongwai - Tales of Innocence R
24) Sheria - Tales of Graces
23) Estelle - Tales of Vesperia
22) Leia - Tales of Xillia
21) Rid - Tales of Eternia
20) Reala - Tales of Destiny 2
19) Sophie - Tales of Graces
18) Spada - Tales of Innocence
17) Julius - Tales of Xillia 2
16) Alvin - Tales of Xillia
15) Milla - Tales of Xillia
14) Jade - Tales of the Abyss
13) Rita - Tales of Vesperia
12) Guy - Tales of the Abyss
11) Zelos - Tales of Symphonia
10) Kratos - Tales of Symphonia

9) Lloyd - Tales of Symphonia

8) Emil - Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi (Dawn of the New World)

7) Flynn - Tales of Vesperia

6) Raven - Tales of Vesperia

5) Judas - Tales of Destiny 2

4. Asbel - Tales of Graces

3. Jude - Tales of Xillia 2

2. Luke - Tales of the Abyss

1. Ludger - Tales of Xillia 2

At the end of the ceremony, Kousuke Toriumi crowned Takashi Kondo (voice of Ludger) with the sash of most popular character.

Gap in Personality is Attractive

5. Zelos - Tales of Symphonia

4. Gaius - Tales of Xillia 2

3. Luke - Tales of the Abyss

2. Emil - Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi

1. Raven - Tales of Vesperia

Mascot Ranking

5. Quickie - Tales of Eternia

4. Tipo (Teepo) - Tales of Xillia

3. Mieu - Tales of the Abyss

2. Lulu - Tales of Xillia 2

1. Repede - Tales of Vesperia

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