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Celebrate Summer With Lawson's New Attack On Titan Campaign

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Each purchase helps earn points to win one of several unique Attack on Titan goods.

Not all problems in life are equal. For instance, protecting all of mankind from giant monstrosities that are trying to devour you might be a little more important than figuring out how to enjoy your summer. Still, even though they may not be on the same level, the makers of Attack on Titan, as well as convenience store chain LAWSON know that sometimes, fighting the heat may be just as big of a problem as fighting Titans. In order to make sure that you can do both, LAWSON is releasing a brand new lineup of summer goods based on Attack on Titan.

Titan Footprint Bread - 170 yen (about US $1.66)

Mixed Yogurt Jelly in Glass Cup - 454 yen (about US $4.43) (Available in Eren or Levi versions)

Attack on Titan Chocopot - 756 yen (about US $7.37) (Available in Eren or Levi versions)

Attack on Titan Big Tin Badge 2nd Edition - 194 yen (about US $1.89) (8 different pins available at random)

Attack on Titan Mini Cases 3rd Edition - 410 yen (about US $4.00)

Attack on Titan Magnet Can - 540 yen (about US $5.26)

Levi's Clean Up Box - 540 yen (about US $5.26)

Attack on Titan Chewy Yogurt - 130 yen (about US $1.27)

Attack on Titan Chocolate Wafers - 158 yen (about US $1.54) (Comes with 1 of 27 trading cards)

Attack on Titan Calbee Chips - 121 yen (about US $1.18) (Comes with 1 of 16 Attack on Titan LAWSON Cards)

Shoyu Flavored Instant Noodles - 162 yen (about US $1.58) (Comes with 1 of 8 character stickers)

Attack on Titan Tissue Boxes - 204 yen (about US $1.99) (Available in Chimi Kyara and series art styles)

Attack on Titan Face Towel - 980 yen (about US $9.55) (Available in two styles)

Attack on Titan Character Plush Chains - 800 yen (about US $7.80) (Available in Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi)

Attack on Titan Lip Balm - 600 yen (about US $5.85) (Available in Levi, Krysta, and Petra)

Attack on Titan Mouse Pad & Memo Pad Bundle Set - 850 yen (about US $8.29)

Attack on Titan Earphones - 1,300 yen (about US $12.67)

Attack on Titan Deodorizing Sheets - 500 yen (about US $4.87)

Attack on Titan Facial Oil Swabs - 500 yen (about US $4.87)

Attack on Titan Index Sticker Set - 500 yen (about US $4.87)

Attack on Titan Embroidery Sticker - 600 yen (about US $5.85) (Available in Levi and Eren versions)

Attack on Titan Die Cut Notebook - 600 yen (about US $5.85)

Titan Eraser - 500 yen (about US $4.87)

Starting August 19, Asahi will also be joining the fray of goods with their Attack on Titan double set of Wonda Gold Black Coffee, through which you may receive one of six Attack on Titan group gymnastic figures, when assembled together can form a Titan fighting pyramid force to be reckoned with.

Buying any of these limited edition Attack on Titan goods will earn you points through your online campaign ID. If you accumulate enough points, you could be one of 7,861 valued customers to receive other goods as presents from LAWSON, including phone straps, clear files, postcard sets, a poster signed by Hajime Isayama, or yukata version figures of Eren and Levi, which have yet to be unveiled, and more. Of course perhaps the greatest prize available is the one of a kind, illustrated character signboard by Hajime Isayama himself. The best part about this prize is that you get to choose the character that Isayama will draw for you.

These goods will be going on sale starting August 5, however the point contest associated with it will only be running until August 25. You can find these goods at all participating Lawsons throughout Japan. For more information, check out the official campaign website.

Source: Comic Natalie

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