Heal Your Eyes With Hatsune Miku Eyedrops

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Box is the gateway to your own personal Hatsune Miku concert.

Hatsune Miku has done a lot of things for the eyes of her fans. She's given them a soothing and pure idol to look at, given them a taste of amazing 3D projection technology, and most of all, filled them with hope. But this time it looks like Miku is going to be taking a more direct approach to take care of their eyes. Introducing the latest Hatsune Miku collaboration campaign with the Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., "Rohto DigiEye."

The eyedrops themselves utilize the same reliable formula that the Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. uses in their other brands of eye medicines, so this product is sure to do its job correctly. The box, which has an image of Miku's eye, makes you think that you're looking into the eyes of the vocaloid idol herself. But that's not all. Each box of "Rohto DigiEye" acts as a stage, which when used in conjunction with the campaign's exclusive smartphone app "DigiEye AR," utilizes augmented reality technology to give you your own mini Hatsune Miku dance concert.

The eyedrops have been on sale since July 15, but the app has only been online and fully functional since August 3. If you can still manage to find a pack of these in your local drug store in Japan, they will run you about 880 yen (about US $8.61). The app is available for iOS and Android OS via the iTunes and Google Play stores.

In other news, Miku has been making her move on more western pop culture, doing a cover of Frozen's "Let It Go," as well as opening for pop diva Lady Gaga.

[Via Netlab]

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