Retailer Is Asked By Police To Not Post Photo of Accused Shoplifter

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Anime retail giant Mandarake is trending in Japan right now, but it's not because of any hot sales or new merchandise. Last night was the fated deadline for the ultimatum issued by the store, asking an accused shoplifter return a 250,000 yen (about US$2,448) wind-up Tetsujin 28-go toy that was allegedly stolen on August 4, or else have his photo revealed online.

As of closing time on August 12, no one had stepped forward to return the toy, though perhaps it wasn't because the suspect didn't want to. One source reports that Mandarake received a call from someone who knew the suspect, saying that he wanted to return the item, but that it was impossible at the moment. The same article mentions that around closing time on August 12, the store was surrounded by members of the press, which may have deterred the man.

Luckily for the shoplifter, the police stepped in and requested that Mandarake not publish the photo, saying that it might interfere with the investigation. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department declined to comment last week on the legality of the store's threat, although perhaps they, too, were hoping the thief would come forward.

The incident occurred on the fourth floor of the main Mandarake Nakano store around 5PM JST on August 4.

Source: 47News, Netlab

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