Introducing Clearasil's New Mascot: Kagerou Project's Momo Kisaragi

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Animated Momo appears in Tokyo promotional event

Clearasil, a brand of skincare products owned by Reckitt Benckiser, unveiled a new Japanese mascot: Momo Kisaragi, the peppy idol of Kagerou Project. She appeared in animated form at an event in Tokyo on August 15 formally designating her Clearasil's new "image character." Momo claims to have been "very surprised" at her selection. "I also heard about previous mascots, and they're very impressive senpai [a term used for upperclassmen or higher-ranking colleagues]. It's like a dream, being given such a big role."

Momo had a discussion with the marketing director of Reckitt Benckiser's Japan division and took questions from the crowd, which included about 30 members of Jin's fan club. (Jin is the creator of Kagerou Project.) When asked about filming her commercials, she claimed that the process was disorganized, "and there were lots of stuff my manager warned me about, but it was like I always talk to my manager, and it felt very natural."

In the commercials below, Momo gets excited about being a "summer model," then frets because she's not shapely enough to model bikinis. The manager then tells her that she's modeling pimple (nikibi) cream, not bikinis. Next she asks what pimples are. Her manager tells her to just say her line — "To prevent pimples, use Clearasil!" ("It's like I'm advertising it!" she notes.) In the second ad, Momo promotes two apps — aug! and mue Alive! — that let smartphone users download a clip of an animated, dancing Momo. She also spotlights several rare goods obtainable by lottery with purchase of Clearasil products, and a line of Mekakucity Actors stickers that come with Clearasil products.

Meanwhile, Clearasil has launched a website featuring the Kagerou Project cast discussing the benefits of skincare.

[Via Man Tan Web; Image from Clearasil]

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