Attack on Titan's Isayama Gives Fans the Skinny On Female Titan's Bust Size

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There are a lot of things we're not really sure of about the titans in Attack on Titan. We know who some of them are, and we sort of know how they work, but we're not really sure of where they come from, or how they came to be.

But, one fan had a very important question that just needed an answer: What are the female titan's measurements?

Luckily, manga creator Hajime Isayama had an answer:
B860, W660, H860.

Amongst the other hard-hitting questions:

Q: Does Eren prefer sweets or drinking?
A: Sweets.

Q: Has Armin thought about cutting his hair shorter?
A: His hairstyle hasn't changed for as long as he (I?) can remember.

Q: What do Bertholt and Reiner do for stress relief?
A: Pushups.

This illuminating question and answer session was printed in the October issue of Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, which runs Attack on Titan.

[Via Otakomu]

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