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Japanese Consumers Are Snapping Up Hot, Bishounen Pork Products

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Last month, Japan's Silky Pork company thought they'd give creative marketing a shot, creating an online manga to help sell their meat products. Titled Four Men of Pigs: The Silky Porco Story, the manga stars four beautiful men, all involved in pig farming.

Apparently, it's working. The meat is flying off the shelves of grocery chain Ito Yokado, with consumers taking to social media to show off the bishonen-laden goods.

This ground pork is begging for a kiss:

While these pork cutlet and bacon connoisseurs are demanding the best cuts ("Find me pork for four people!"):

They also express their gratification for being chosen ("I'm honored you've chosen me"), even if some of them question your dedication to pork ("Do you really like pork that much?":

There will be ten chapters of the manga in total; so far, five are available. The company is also hosting a Twitter campaign to give away 50 fryers over two seasonal Twitter campaigns.

[Via RocketNews24 via Naver Matome; caption translations from RocketNews24

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