Anime Fan, Desperate for Concert Ticket, Resorts to Theft

posted on by Eric Stimson

If the prices in the anime industry seem a tad steep to you, you're not alone — anime fans in Japan have a hard time scraping together enough cash to afford their pricey lifestyle. Some, unfortunately, even resort to burglary.

On September 27, the southern Aichi Prefecture police arrested Masahiro Kubo, a 40-year-old deliveryman, in Kyoto. He was charged with breaking into an unlocked apartment in Nagoya's South Ward and taking wallets from two sleeping men. They lost a total of 22,000 yen (about $200 by today's exchange rate). The crime was committed on August 5, 2012 before dawn.

And the motive? "I wanted funds for an anime concert."

[Via Sankei News; Image from Idol Channul]

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