Funasshi Mascot Gets His Own Meat Bun

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Funassyi, the strange pear-fairy mascot of Funabashi City, has been doing pretty well for itself. The genderless being has its own manga, it won last year's nationwide mascot contest, and it has an extensive line of merchandise.

Now it's a meat bun, dyed a bright yellow, and stuffed with soy-marinated pork, onions, and cabbage. Those interested in popping Funassyi in their mouths can head to Japanese Family Mart stores after October 28. The price for each bun is 190 yen (about US$1.78).

In the past, Family Mart has sold other character-themed meat buns, including a series of Kinnikuman buns.

Source: Otakomu via Yahoo! Japan

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