Fate/Stay night, Animate, Sanrio Also Enjoy Kabe Don

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The commercial appeal of Japan's fascination with kabe don shows no sign of stopping. Domino's Japan had its own comical take with limited edition coupons for customers who use "kabe don" on the wall before taking their pizza from the delivery driver. Now ufotable, Animate, and even Sanrio are offering up kabe don scenarios for their fans.

Ufotable producer Hikaru Kondo tweeted a series of images drawn by one of Fate/Stay night's animators featuring both Sakura and Rin in kabe done scenes.

The Animate Girls' Festival in Tokyo will have its own kabe don event to celebrate the release of the third volume of Akaza Samamiya Bloody Mary manga on November 8. Cosplayers will be on hand dressed as characters from the manga. Participants can choose whether to be the one "trapped" or doing the "trapping," but the specific event is limited to only 30 people.

Sanrio Puroland theme park in Tama, Japan is holding a very limited event on November 9 where visitors can participate in a Kabe Don meeting one of the company's mascots —specifically Daniel, the catboy counterpart to Hello Kitty. Daniel will roam around the park, so visitors will have to be on the look out if they want their own intimate, romantic moment with a giant cat mascot.

[Via Otakomu, Comic Natalie, Nijimen]

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