Pokémon Rumble U and Amiibo Figures Are Kind Of Compatible

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Pokémon Rumble U game puts players in control of up to 100 toy-like Pokémon to battle, so it only makes sense that the game compatible with Nintendo's recent Amiibo figures, although Nintendo hasn't officially acknowledged it yet. The figures also don't work in a traditional sense.

When Pokémon Rumble U was released in North America in August, it was programmed to use the Wii U's Near Field Communication (NFC) and Toy Pokémon figures. A curious player named "Kolma" decided to test out the game with Amiibo figures to see what would happen. So far, scanning certain figures will cause various Pokémon to show up in the game, although the correlation between figure and Pokémon type doesn't really make sense.

The confirmed list includes:

  • Pikachu – Mesprit
  • Link – Swinub
  • Wii Fit Trainer – Boldore
  • Marth – Weedle
  • Animal Crossing Villager – Victini

Nintendo already released Mario, Pikachu, Animal Crossing villager, Kirby, Yoshi, Marth, Samus, Princess Peach, Star Fox, Link, Donkey Kong, and the Wii Fitness trainer. Nintendo will release Zelda, Captain Falcon, Icarus, Luigi, Diddy Kong, and Little Mac figures next month and Lucario, Toon Link, Sheik, Sonic, Mega Man, Rosalina, Bowser, Ike, Meta Knight, DeDeDe, and Shulk figures in February 2015.

[Via My Nintendo News]

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