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Defend Cute Mushroom Girls from Bamboo Shoots in Upcoming Game

posted on by Eric Stimson

Japanese consumers have long been divided over their preferences for Meiji's two chocolate snack brands, Kinoko-no Yama ("Mushroom Mountain") and Takenoko-no Sato ("Bamboo Shoot Village"). Particularly fierce partisans in this debate have exaggerated the divide into a ferocious struggle, the "Mushroom-Bamboo Shoot War," complete with online videos and fan art.

An upcoming game, Kinoko Collection ~Kinoko Takenoko Hyakunen Sensou~ ("Mushroom Collection ~The Hundred Year's Mushroom-Bamboo Shoot War~"), takes the conflict to the next level: moe anthromorphization. The player will take on the role of God and intervene on behalf of the Mushroom Girls, who are under ferocious attack from the Bamboo Shoot Girls. Details on the gameplay and format have not yet been released; however, there are several character profiles and artwork.

So far, the Bamboo Shoot Girls remain undepicted; the following are the Mushroom Girls that have been announced as of press time:

BUNA SHIMEJI (or brown beech mushroom)
"How do you do? I'm Buna Shimeji! I love snacks! If I do my best, please give me lots of sweets as a reward!"
Buna shimeji are relatively ordinary-looking toadstools cultivated in Japan for eating.
ENOKITAKE (or golden needle mushroom)
"I am Enokitake. I am good at supporting the front line with my arrows. Please send me along with the Mushroom Girls skilled at frontline combat."
Enokitake are long, thin and white as a result of being grown in darkness.
NAMEKO (or butterscotch mushroom)
"I'm Nameko... I'm good at close-quarters combat... I guess. I'm kind of slimy, so please don't touch me... it's annoying....... Well, sometimes... it's fine."
Nameko have a gelatinous coating, making them slimy to touch, yet they are popular in Japanese cuisine.
ERINGI (or king trumpet mushroom)
"I'm Eringi. I'll cut my way through the front lines for you! You're wondering if I'll be O.K. in this outfit? I'm fine, no problem."
This fat mushroom is native to Mediterranean climates and the steppe but was introduced to Japan in the 1990s.
FUKUROTAKE (or paddy straw mushroom)
"I am Fukurotake-ar! Did you know that Nameko's sliminess is an advantage-ar? If you touch her once, you will understand her greatness-ar!"
The paddy straw mushroom is a favorite in southern China and southeast Asia, but isn't well-known elsewhere since it rots quickly.
MAITAKE (or hen-of-the-woods)
"Me am Maitake, YO! Dance with me, and you'll enjoy yourself, YO! It's definitely very exciting, YO! Follow me with your heart!"
This mushroom's shape is complicated, with many folds. Its Japanese name means "dancing mushroom."

Other released characters include Tamagotake (half-dyed slender Caesar),


and Hanabiratake (cauliflower mushroom).

Voice samples for these characters are also available on Kinoko Collection's Twitter feed. The game's expected release date is in February.

Other characters displayed on the game's website's main page

[Via Hachima Kikou and Kinoko Collection official site; Images from Twipple]

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