Unlikely Shirobako Characters Get An Adult Doujinshi

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Doujinshi comes in all sorts of flavors. Those who have spent a fair amount of time rifling through stacks of doujinshi, or wandering the halls of any convention, have likely seen their share of interesting and unique subject matters. Still, the average doujinshi tends to feature main protagonists, or at least the same set of characters who generally end up getting their own character goods.

Shirobako fans roaming the aisles of Comiket 87 this year may have been surprised to see this particular work from doujinshi circle Ishiki, featuring Yutaka Honda and Seiichi Kinoshita, both part of the series' Musashino Animation production staff.

If you want a (PG) taste of what's inside, Yaraon has a couple scans.

While we're more used to seeing doujinshi starring, say, Aoi or Ema, we're glad this exists. Every character deserves to find love and happiness. For more info about the circle that created the work, check out their website.

[Via Yaraon]

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