Fairy Tail Characters Get Fancy Necklaces

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Japanese jewelry brand Fatima Design is teaming up with Fairy Tail for a line-up of character necklaces and rings, with nine pieces in total.

Natsu Dragneel fans can unleash their inner fire powers with a salamander pendant or an Igneel pendant.

Lucy Heartfilia fans can relive some of their favorite moments with a pendant that showcases the Keys of Leo, Virgo, and Aquarius and commemorates a specific scene in the series; or a pendant bearing the Keys of Virgo and Aquarius.

Gray Fullbuster fans can choose from two pendants as well: one featuring Ice-Make: Shield and one featuring Ice-Make: Ice Geyser.

Erza Scarlet fans can recreate her spells with a Blumenblatt pendant, a Blumenblatt ring, or a Heart Kreuz armor pendant.

Pendants range from 7,500 to 8,000 yen (about US$63.50-67.80), while Erza's ring costs 8,500 yen (about US$71.31). For an extra 5,000 yen (about US$42.45), customers can also purchase a special Fairy Tail chain for their pendants.

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