Super Fan Gets A One-of-a-Kind Final Fantasy Cutlery Set

posted on by Bamboo Dong
Plus a recently forged Scissor Blade from Kill la Kill.

YouTube series "Super Fan-Builds," produced by the same team behind "Man at Arms," recently surprised a Final Fantasy fan with a unique set of sword-inspired knives.

The knives are reproductions of some of the franchise's most recognizable blades, including Cloud's Buster Sword, Auron's Katana, Squall's Gunblade, and Sephiroth's Masamune, all stored inside an Ultros knife block.

For more neat prop videos, check out AWE me's Youtube channel, where they also host a variety of other geek-minded content, including this episode of "Man at Arms" where their team recreated Ryuko Matoi's Scissor Blade from Kill la Kill:

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