Live-Action 'Sailor Moon Says' is 17 Minutes of Childhood Nostalgia

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

DiC's version of the classic Sailor Moon anime is fondly, and perhaps notoriously remembered as being both the first introduction that many 90s kids had to the magical girl genre, and the later discovery that DiC edited much of the original anime's content. In 1995, the series got a marathon TV run and the network brought in actress Tia Browsh as none other than Serena/Sailor Moon. Browsh re-enacted elements of the "Sailor Moon Says" after-episode segments created for the English version, dishing out important advice and harsh truths for the young viewers.

This isn't the only live-action English Sailor Moon in existence. Fans might be familiar with the official Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon show from Japan, and of course the SeraMyu musical series. Toon Makers also created an infamous pilot in the 90s for a live-action and cartoon hybrid show based on the property. It never took off.

[Via Comics Alliance]

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