Readers Rank Over-Played Shojo Manga Tropes

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Every anime genre comes with certain situations that happen so often, readers barely bat an eye at it anymore. The harem anime protagonist's parents are on an overseas business trip. The shonen battle series' main character is able to access a new powered up ability while facing a seemingly impossible enemy. The character in a sports manga is able to pull off that slam dunk once he remembers everyone who believes in him.

Shojo manga, rife with love triangles and friendships, has its set of tropes, too. The Goo ranking site asked readers which shojo manga tropes make them think "of course this happened" whenever they show up. Here's what 500 women had to say:

  1. The main character is scatterbrained. - 34.6%
  2. For some reason, an attractive guy ends up living with the main character. - 28.2%
  3. The main character is an airhead but their friend is in love with them. - 27.2%
  4. Characters' hands touch while reaching for the same book. - 26.8%
  5. They're in love with the 'school prince' (most popular boy). - 24.6%
  6. They run smack into a guy while running around a corner, and he's really good looking. - 24.2%
  7. The boy they parted ways with when they were younger grew up to be a cool high school student, and then transfers into their school. - 24.0%
  8. The main character's only redeeming feature is their cheerfulness, but they're still popular. 21.2%
  9. The cool guy moves in next door. - 19.4%
  10. The main character makes friends with someone who's their total opposite. - 17.6%
  11. The boy who saved her from delinquents is also the transfer student. 16.4%
  12. It turns out their crush is actually their sibling. - 13.0%
  13. The guy they end up liking is actually a prince. - 11.4%
  14. The guy they end up liking was actually the enemy. - 10.8%
  15. They meet their soulmate thanks to time travelling. - 10.0%
  16. The two characters were lovers in a past life. - 8.0%

Are there any other stereotypical shojo plot devices you're tired of? Tell us in the forums!

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