20 Years Later, G Gundam Fans Remember Death of Master Asia

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Master Asia, the Undefeated of the East, is among the manliest, most bombastic characters in a very manly and bombastic anime series — Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Although the series aired two decades ago, Master Asia has apparently left quite an impression on Gundam fans, since on the anniversary of his death — March 3 — Japanese fans commemorated his unconquerable spirit on Twitter with the hashtag #東方不敗20周忌 (Undefeated of the East 20th Deathday).

"I think we G Gundam fans should make [today] into a day of looking back at Master and a masterpiece that glitters brilliantly in the annals of robot anime."

"I think I'll try reposting an old picture."

"Master Gundam is fine, but I feel like Haow Gundam was the Undefeated of the East's favorite, and I really like it."

"Look, the east is burning red!!!"

"Before Build Fighters aired I dreamed someone like this would be in it [note says "polo shirt"]."

"This may be an old picture, but it's already been 20 years since a fiery man who loved nature set out on his journey..."


"20 years already, huh?... I'm a man, so I had to cosplay Master. I love him most out of the male Gundam characters."

"I know it's bad, because it's a very serious story, but I can't help but laugh."

"I regret not leaving behind a worthwhile picture from that time."

"In middle school, I would often use Sekiha Tenkyouken in fights. It still lives within me 20 years later."

"If you find this mook [magazine/book] in a used bookstore or somewhere, I definitely recommend buying it. It has a manga set right after Episode 45 [in which Master Asia dies] that recounts how Domon met Master Asia. It's written by director Imagawa!"


Here is Master Asia's death scene as a reference (dubbed version):

[Via Hachima Kikou and Twitter]

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