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Famitsu Readers Choose Their 30 Favorite Digimon

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The premiere for the 15th anniversary Digimon anime is fast approaching and Media Vision's Digimonstory Cybersleuth PS Vita game's release is also on the horizon. Basically, everything is coming up Digimon in the next few weeks and the franchise's fans are pumped. Famitsu magazine asked its readers to chime in on what digital monster is their favorite.

The top choice was Omnimon (jp: Omegamon), the fused Digimon WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon from the anime and game series. In the poll results, the English dub name is listed first with the Japanese name in parenthesis if it's different.

  1. Omnimon (Omegamon)
  2. WarGreymon
  3. Gallantmon (Dukemon)
  4. Beelzemon (Beelzebumon)
  5. Alphamon
  6. Agumon
  7. Terriermon
  8. Machinedramon (Mugendramon)
  9. Patamon
  10. Magnamon
  11. BlackWarGreymon
  12. Gatomon (Tailmon)
  13. UlforceVeedramon
  14. Guilmon
  15. Angewomon
  16. Samudramon (Gaioumon)
  17. Renamon
  18. Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
  19. Beelzemon Blast Mode
  20. Dorugoramon
  21. Paildramon
  22. Veemon
  23. Dorumon
  24. Gomamon
  25. Gabumon
  26. Angemon
  27. Wizardmon (Wizarmon)
  28. Diaboromon (Diablomon)
  29. Gallantmon Crimson Mode
  30. Lillymon (Lilimon)

What do you guys think? Let us know what your favorite Digimon is in this poll. If it's not already included feel free to add it in the submission box at the bottom of the poll. To keep things simple, use the English name for the Digimon. Thanks!

[Via Yara-On!]

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