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Life-Size Godzilla Looms Over Tokyo Hotel & Theater

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Godzilla has returned, and he's skulking through the streets of Tokyo. Or rather, just one street, as a life-sized Godzilla head has been set up atop Kabuki-cho's TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku. The new cinema complex, which replaces the old Shinjuku TOHO Kaikan theater, is scheduled to open in April, and we've got some first-hand photos of what it looks like down below.

Photographs by Adrian Lozano

Visitors will be able to go on the roof-top patio and see Godzilla up close. Or, they can stay at the attached Shinjuku Hotel Gracery, set to open April 24, which even has a special Godzilla viewing room for all those nights you'd rather stare into the soulful eyes of a giant lizard, and a special Godzilla room, complete with memorabilia and Godzilla-inspired decor. (Bonus: check out the hotel's Japanese homepage for a charming Godzilla-shaped icon). Hopefully the Godzilla-facing hotel rooms come with black-out curtains and sound-proofing, though—not only is Godzilla illuminated at night, his eyes and mouth also glow, and he's scheduled to roar every now and again, to remind everyone that it's never really safe.

[Via @Matt_Alt; Additional info from RocketNews24, Daily Mail]

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