Free! Website Celebrates White Day with Character Voice Messages

posted on by Bamboo Dong

The boys of Free! are giving back to their fans for White Day, which occurs March 14. There's no chocolate involved, but the Free! Eternal Summer website uploaded special voice messages from the characters:

Haruka: "Thanks for earlier. Please take this. I also tried making it myself."

Makoto: "This is in return for the Valentine's gift. Sorry, I'm not so good at making sweets."

Rin: "That Valentine's gift was good. This is for you."

Nagisa: "Here! This is for you. It's thanks for before. When I get serious, even I can make this kind of thing!"

Rei: "Here, I'm giving this to you. This is for the other day. I thought for a really long time about what I should do in return."

[Via Nijimen]

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