New Uta no Prince-sama Game Promoted in Train Stations All Over Japan

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Each prefecture gets at least one poster

The new Uta no Prince Sama game, Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret, is being aggressively promoted in Japan this week: All 47 of Japan's prefectures, from snowy Hokkaido in the north to tropical Okinawa in the south, will get posters advertising the game in at least one of their train stations. The posters include a message from one of the game's 11 characters.

Here are the 11 different posters with the characters' messages:

Otoya Ittoki: "I feel happy every time I think about how I love you." (Poster is in Tokyo)

Masato Hijirikawa: "I love everything about you, from your smiling face to your tears." (Poster is in Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu)

Natsuki Shinomiya: "Sending you, my love, a smiley face and happiness." (Poster is in Hokkaido)

Tokiya Ichinose: "You taught me how wonderful it is to be loved." (Poster is in Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu)

Ren Jingūji: "I want to be a man right for a lady. That is my wish." (Poster is in Hiroshima Prefecture)

Shō Kurusu: "I want to hug my memories of you with all of my arms." (Poster is in Osaka Prefecture)

Cecil Aijima: "Let's spend some sweet time together, just the two of us." (Poster is in Tochigi Prefecture north of Tokyo)

Reiji Kotobuki: "If you're with me, I won't need anything else." (Poster is in Saitama Prefecture north of Tokyo)

Ranmaru Kurosaki: "I'll give you all of me." (Poster is in Kobe, Hyougo Prefecture)

Ai Migase: "I cherish all the feelings you gave me." (Poster is in Fukushima Prefecture in the northeast)

Camus: "I desire nothing but your love." (Poster is in Okayama Prefecture in the southwest)

Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo also has this extra-large poster of the whole cast.

Uta no Prince Sama All Star After Secret is a sequel to Broccoli's Uta no Prince Sama All Star game, which Broccoli released in March 2013. The game features 11 idols, but focuses specifically on the four upperclassmen idols. The upperclassmen each have two story routes, while the seven underclassmen (the members of ST☆RISH) each have one.

Broccoli will release Uta no Prince Sama All Star After Secret in Japan on March 12. The posters will remain up until March 15 (March 16 in some areas).

[Via Nijimen]

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