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Tokyo One Piece Tower Theme Park is a Straw Hat Pirate-Lover's Dream

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Over 70 pictures from the new Tokyo Tower park, opening ceremony

Once upon a time, the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece found a new triangle-shaped island called "Tongari Jima" (Chestnut Island) in Tokyo. This island is in fact Tokyo Tower, and the newly opened Tokyo One Piece Tower amusement park is filled with games, food, and more, all inspired by Eiichiro Oda's One Piece manga.

The entrance to Tokyo Tower guides guests to the park.

Fans can take a picture with Luffy and Chōpper at the entrance.

An energetic pirate staff are on board the "island" to make the adventure more fun.

At the entrance corridor, "The Cave of Memories," manga panels are projected on the walls. When walked by or touched, various things will occur, including the color of Nami's tears or the sky behind Usopp changing to blue, and Robin's Flower-Flower powers being shown in shadows on the floor.

At the Tongari Port, statues of the Straw Hat Pirates have a party.

Fans can set themselves up on the Chōpping block to get closer to Buggy the pirate.

At Chōpper's Sunny Thousand Tours, Chōpper shows guests around the pirate ship. Locations include the kitchen, Nami's bedroom, the bathroom (where fans can peek through A Peephole to sneak a look... or not!), and Chōpper's workspace.

Take a seat next to Trafalgar Law for a picture.

Become a captured pirate with this photo spot!

Bartholomew Kuma's big hand with squishy paw pads makes a great seat.

Take a look into the telescope, and Vivi and Carue are looking back.

In Luffy's Endless Adventure, fans can relive moments from the manga and anime. Some of the more extreme rooms include fun-house mirror mazes, as well as a hallway with spinning fire projected on the wall, making guests lose their sense of balance. At the end waits a theater where some fights from the anime are recreated in CGI, with other special effects like smoke and wind, making the experience all the more real.

If guests get parched during their journey, they can stop at the cola bar for a drink or snack. Pirate staff are ready to serve.

Right near the cola bar is a cola-glugging Franky. Using the pinball-like machine, players who get the ball in the right slot can receive a rare figure.

Before entering Zoro's Sword Training, a room filled with replicas of swords from the One Piece manga is waiting. During Zoro's game, guests can help the swordsman fight off a maritime marine attack.

Robin's Poneglyph Searching game allows guests to rent out Transponder Snails (Den Den Mushi) in order to find Poneglyph clues around the park and solve a mystery.

Brook's horror house has various guests, including Perona and Victoria. Don't let your guard down, though. One of the goals in the house is to use a "salt ball" (actually made of foam) to defeat a zombie enemy.

At Usopp's shooting range, "Road to Sogeking," fans can become the legendary Sogeking and shoot at targets from the Marines. Winners receive a Sogeking mask.
A high-energy One Piece Show featuring acrobatics, adventure, and music features the Straw Hat pirate crew.

The in-park gift shop has lots of things to drool over, with official cosplay sets ready for purchase.

The separate gift shop outside of the park has even more goods. The wall is also painted with the history of the One Piece story.

Goods available include:

Tokyo One Piece Tower cookies

Devil Fruit gummies

Giant Baumkuchen cakes shaped like Tokyo Tower

Handkerchiefs with emotional moments from the manga printed on them.

Framed prints.

Water bottles, hats, shirts, and Chōpper plush toys.

Wanted posters to hang on the wall.

Character song CDs made for each of Japan's prefectures.

Various apparel.

Toy swords.

A look at Sanji's restaurant, located within the tower. Guests can order food from a menu, but a buffet option is also available.

The separate Mugiawara Restaurant (Straw Hat Restaurant) is also available to eat at.

Some of the dishes include:

Soft Cream ~Luffy's Outfit~

Cotton Candy Chōpper Latte, with real cotton candy on the straw

Nami Mikan (tangerine) Curry with real tangerine slices, and Zoro's citrus soda

Brook's Pasta With the Joyous Spice of Life

On the Thursday before the park opened, an opening ceremony was held at the Prince Hotel. Attending were actor Ryunosuke Kamiki, model Airi Matsui, personality Ayano Fukuda, and comedian Hiroyuki Amano. The cast of the stage show from the park were also in attendance.

In celebration of the new theme park, the Tokyo Tower was lit up in various colored lights, and unveiled an animation with the Straw Hat pirates that played on a screen on the tower. The final animation shows the Straw Hat flag flapping in the wind.

Images © Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation
© Amusequest Tokyo Tower LLP

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