Learn the Basics of Conversational English with Kinmoza! Kiniro + Mosaic

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Also: explanatory tidbits on Britain, poster and postcard included

Publisher Kadokawa and the girls from Kinmoza! Kiniro + Mosaic are teaming up to help fans learn the basics of conversational English with dialogue from the anime's first season. Kiniro + Mosaic-to Eigo Lesson ("English Lessons with Kiniro + Mosaic") will explain parts of the English dialogue that are difficult for Japanese speakers to understand using the characters Alice and Karen; according to the publisher, Aya will summarize their points, while Shinobu and Yōko will play the roles of boke and tsukkomi (a Japanese comedic routine with the former misunderstanding something and the latter correcting them). Sidebars will also explain other points about Britain presented in the anime that might have gone over the viewers' heads, like the correct pronunciation of "Alice" (Arisu in a Japanese accent), summer festivals in Britain, and what that British picture book was that Alice and Shinobu were reading. Illustrations from the anime will be included as well.

The cover illustration, showing the cast in (allegedly) British school uniforms, is drawn by the original manga artist, Hara Yui; the book will come with a size B3 poster (14x20'') of the same illustration. Preorders on Kadokawa's website will also come with the postcard seen below.

Kiniro + Mosaic-to Eigo Lesson will go on sale on April 29 for 1,620 yen ($13.34).

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