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The Joke's On You — Anime Does April Fool's Day - Part 1

posted on by Lynzee Lamb & Bamboo Dong

It's April Fool's Day, which means that plenty of anime companies are having a good chuckle with fake announcements, quirky crossovers, and more. Here's Part 1 of our round-up; check back later for more!

Ace Attorney

Dog Ace Attorney, complete with a product intro page and special cameo. Released April 1 for the Wantendo 1DOGS.


The announcement of an Aldnoah.Zero otome game.

Couples.jp hotel booking website

"Anime de Wakaru! Couples Hotel," an anime that explains couples hotels.

Evangelion Battle Mission

"Eva Mask" will face off against the "Angel Mask" in a special, April 1 wrestling match.

Kousuke Fujishima

Manga creator Kousuke Fujishima announced two new series, "Oni Momotaro" and "Hime Senshi Cinderella."

Girl Friend BETA

A live-action adaptation of the mobile game Girl Friend BETA was announced. The announcement claimed that 100 actresses would appear in the film. [Link]

Good Smile Company

The company announced fundoshi add-ons for its Nendoroid figure line, with lots of example images. [Link]

Google Maps

Google Maps added a "Pac-Man" mode. Find an area with plenty of streets, click the Pac-Man button in the bottom, left corner, and eat your way through the neighborhood


A fake newspaper announces that 33-year-old bachelor Masaru Ōfuna joined the yosakoi club.


The official iDOLM@STER Twitter account announced 765 Production (the fictional production company from the franchise) and 346 Production (the fictional production company from Cinderella Girls) merged to become 1111 Production. [Link]

iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

The website hosting a Kirarin Dash! mini-game. [Link]

Is the order a rabbit?

The website was changed to "Gochuumon wa Mahou Shoujo desu ka" (Is the order a magical girl?) [Link]

Lord of Vermillion x Tekken

Square Enix promises a cross-over game between Lord of Vermillion and Tekken with 765 playable characters.

Milky Holmes

Milky Holmes collaborates with Peeping Life. [Link]

Momoiro Clover Z

The girl group got a Frieza make-over. [Link]


The company announced its newest idol unit, "Jii★Shock" comprised of the elderly idols KEY-G & SHOW-G & YU-G. Their profiles include "recent problems" like "lower back pain from farm work," waking up at 4:00 a.m.," and "not being able to remember what he ate yesterday."[Link]


The website announced the new movie: Mushi-Shi Perfect Love.
Thanks to Dennis R. for the video embed

Nippon Ichi Software

The video game company posted 24-hour poll results where voters could, allegedly, pick one of their titles to be added to the PS Archives. The game Honō no Ryōrijin Cooking Fighter Hao won by a landslide with 80,000,000,006,139 votes.


Aniplex combined its two franchises, Nisekoi: and Koimonogatari to create "Nisekoimonogatari." The shows share the same director, Akiyuki Simbo and production studio.
The staff over at Shaft even made a fake poster.

Thanks to Dennis R. for the video embed

Non Non Biyori

An announcement for the live-action Great Man, Renge's favorite tokusatsu show.


Animation studio Ordet is hosting a mini-game and a "music video" for a Wake-Up Girls single that only shows one of the singers eating sandwiches.


The company announced its CEO Vocaloid Series. CEO Hiroyuki Itōh got his own Vocaloid page over at Crypton Media, too. [Link]

Plastic Memories

Get your hands on a real Giftia android! But watch out, they expire after just 8,120 hours.

The Ring x Ju-On

The upcoming Ju-On film opened a fake website announcing another film in 2016 where The Ring's Sadako and Ju-On's Kayako face-off in an Alien vs. Predator style film.[Link]

Rumbling Hearts

For the 15th anniversary project, the tentatively titled Kimi ga Nozomu Eien NextGeneration anime series was announced for August 2017 and an OVA titled Hakuryō Hiiragi Futsūka Kōkō no Rettōsei (The Irregular at Hakuryō Hiiragi Futsūka High School) was also announced. Age's publicity agent Riene is cast as the lead.[Link]

Selector Infected Wixoss

Takara Tomy announced a live-action version of the anime-card game hybrid. The website is also offering "Real Selector booster cards featuring mundane animals like cats and sparrows, a one-day (April 1) summer camp where players wear their swimsuits and battle to win earplugs.

Senran Kagura

For a limited time, the game is adding Ikaruga's brother-in-law as a playable character.

The Seven Deadly Sins

King says, "Today's my birthday, but no one's here..." [Link]


The Twitter account for fictional character Takezou Nogami announced an anime adaptation of the in-series work The Third Girls Aerial Squad with director (and other Shirobako character) Seiichi Kinoshita. He also announced his Sailor Uniform and F3 series are ending.

Shonen Jump x Dragon Ball

The Shonen Jump+ app staff announced Freiza will serve as Editor in Chief for the first time.

Show By Rock!!

The upcoming anime's characters were replaced by Sanrio's egg mascot Gudetama [Link]

Super Sonico

"Kodoku no Pochako," a parody of the manga, Kodoku no Gourmet. [Link]

Toei Animation

The company announced a Mazinger Z theme park. [Link]


The company has three different April Fools jokes. The Capsule Servant mini-game announced a new character, Saber-nyan. [Link]
A Capsule Servant "Dark World" tournament was announced. [Link]
A talent agency, "Imperial Roma" was launched to promote idol activities for the franchise's characters. All the characters also created modern Twitter accounts. For instance, Kirei Kotomine is now a prosecuting attorney with a very familiar cravat. [Link]



The Working!! anime announced it'll launch a character-raising game as part of its 10th anniversary, with 100 million ways to raise the characters.
Thanks to Dennis R. for the video embed

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