'Dan the Pancake Man' Fries Up 151 Edible Pokemon

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Daniel Drake and his pancake creations are not newbies to fame. The delicious pancake art, dubbed "Dancakes" were first noticed years ago and got him a spot making edible caricatures on the Today show. Initially a short order fry cook, Drake needed to bring something extra to the table to earn tips in an industry whose pay he describes as "draconian," and so he started drawing his pancakes instead of just cooking them.

It wasn't until he was hired at Corvid's Cafe in St. Louis that he moved away from caricatures and into gaming characters — namely the original 151 Pokémon.

Drake uses a special batter to make his monstrous creations. He also admits that out of all the Pokémon he fried up, Arcanine was the most difficult.

"The hardest one was definitely Arcanine! My gosh, that critter has so much fuzz!!"

"Dan the Pancake Man" didn't stop at Pokémon, though. He also recreated the characters of Dragon Ball Z.

For more edible art, check out Belcorno's latte art and Sailor Moon-inspired cakes.

Source: Games Radar via GameSpot

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