May Lottery to Feature 16 Classic Ribon Shōjo Manga

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Ribon magazine celebrates 60th anniversary

Ichiban Kuji, a Japanese lottery with frequent anime and manga tie-ins, is featuring 16 classic shōjo manga series from Ribon magazine in an upcoming May lottery. The lottery is part of a celebration of Ribon's 60th anniversary.

The main prizes are sets of clear files and postcards with messages from the original creators and a panel or two from the manga.

Chacha The Little Red Riding Hood by Min Ayahana

Otō-san wa Shinpaishō ("Dad is a Worrywart")

Ginyōbi no Otogibanashi ("Silver Day Fairy Tale") by Mutsumi Hagiiwa

Good Morning Call by Yue Takasuka

Neighborhood Story by Ai Yazawa

Kodocha - Sana's Stage by Miho Obana

Konpei Sō no Francois ("Francois of Konpei Villa") by A-ko Mutsu

Tsuki no Yoru Hoshi no Asa ("Night of the Moon, Morning of the Stars") by Keiko Honda

Tokimeki Tonight by Koi Ikeno

Passion Girls by Mihona Fujii

Baby Love by Ayumi Shiina

Hoshi no Hitomi no Silhouette ("Silhouette of a Starry Pupil") by Aoi Hiiragi

Ponytail Hakusho by Megumi Mizusawa

Marmalade Boy by Wataru Yoshizumi

Medaka no Gakkō ("Killifish School") by Yukie Mori

Yukan Club by Yukari Ichijo

The "last one" prize is a 17 cm-long (7'') postcard holder.

The "double chance" prize, available for 50 winners, is a big towel (referred to as a "towelket," since it's almost as big as a blanket). The design has not yet been revealed.

The lottery will take place in early May at participating bookstores. The 60th anniversary edition of Ribon will go on sale at the same time for 390 yen (about $3.27). A Twitter campaign is stoking nostalgia by inviting longtime readers to share their memories of their favorite bygone Ribon series.

[Via and Ichiban Kuji; Image from Nijimen]

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