Japan's Iconic School Swimsuits Get a Make-Over

posted on by Eric Stimson
Say goodbye to all that exposed skin

Japanese school swimsuits, like school uniforms, are familiar to anime fans the world over thanks to their uniformity and winning fans for their sex appeal. But students who actually have to wear them have more mixed reviews, and Footmark, Japan's leading swimsuit designer, is introducing redesigned swimsuits to accommodate complaints.

Footmark met in November with four third-year middle school students from the junior high school annex at Tokyo City Ryōgoku High School to get their input. It also circulated a questionnaire to 360 middle school students. Girls often requested swimsuits that they could change into in a short time as well as one-pieces that didn't show too much skin. Boys complained about being cold while waiting by the poolside.

As a result, Footmark has unveiled the "ideal∞swimming," which, while being a two-piece suit, is easy to take on and off (it's fastened by a button at the lower back). The shirt is long enough to ensure that no skin shows even when sitting by the pool.

ideal∞swimming comes in two varieties (short and long) and goes on sale today for 5,940 to 7,020 yen (US$49.60 - US$58.65).

[Via Asahi Shimbun Digital and PR Times; Images from Kōshin Teishi Shimasunddew and Rakuten]

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