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10 Nakayoshi Manga Titles Get Reprints Thanks to Fan Votes

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Kodansha's Nakayoshi girls' manga magazine began prepping for its 60th anniversary this year with the "Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Masterpiece General Election" where readers could choose their favorite "masterpiece" series from the magazine's line-up. The poll was more than a popularity exercise; many of the top choices are going to get reprints.

Kodansha originally planned to only reprint the most popular works from the top 10 but were surprised after the voter turnout exceeded 50,000. The publisher decided to instead reprint all of the top 10 series starting in July and will continue until December. In the first editions there'll be an illustrated card from each writer. The wrap-around jacket bands will detail plans to give away autographed prints.

Series to be Reprinted

1. Azuki-chan
Yasushi Akimoto & Chika Kimura
Azusa Noyama is a 12-year-old girl student in 5th grade, but everyone knows her as Azuki-chan, a nickname that she dislikes. Yūnosuke Ogasawara, a new student, asks her about her nickname, saying that he likes it. Azuki falls in love with him, and they start going out together. They share a diary, and become boyfriend and girlfriend.

2. Ohayō! Spank
Shun'ichi Yukimuro & Shizue Takanashi
Aiko Morimura is a junior high school student who has experienced countless loss. Her father disappeared 10 years ago on a yacht trip and her mother has left her in the care of her uncle when she leaves for Paris. Her pet dog, Papi, has also recently died. Around the same time, another dog named Spank appears before her. Having gone through so many unfortunate events in her life, Spank's presence begins to brighten up Aiko's life and put a smile on her face

3. Kingyo Chūihō!
Neko Nekobe
Chitose Fujinomiya is an orphaned heiress who was kicked out of her prestigious school and shunned by her former friends. She is sent to a rural public school, where even pigs, oxen and chickens are students. The only possession she has left is a valuable pink goldfish named Gyopi, given to her by her beloved father. When Chitose finds out that she still has her riches, she buys the rural school in an attempt to transform into an elite academy.

4. Jigoku de Mes ga Hikaru
Ryōko Takashina
Hiromi is treated as an annoyance by her family because of her homely appearance. A genius doctor named Iwao happens upon her while she tries to commit suicide and offers to help her with her "beauty" problem...

5. Da! Da! Da!
Mika Kawamura
8th grader Miyu is sent to stay with her uncle after her parents leave to work at NASA. However, her uncle also leaves for India and she is left with her cousin Kanata. Uneasy about living alone with him, that too is interrupted when a UFO lands inside the house. On board is a talking cat named Wannya and an infant named Ruu. Now, Miyu and Kanata are tasked with caring for the alien infant.

6. Tokyo Mew Mew
Reiko Yoshida & Mia Ikumi
Ichigo is out on a date with her 'crush' when suddenly she's involved in an odd incident in which her DNA is merged with the DNA of an almost extinct wildcat. When four other girls' DNA is merged with the DNA of four other almost extinct animals, it's apparent that they're part of a much bigger plan. Ichigo and her friends have been chosen to become a part of a secret project called the "Mew Project." Their mission: To protect the planet from aliens who are using animal to attack humans

7. Nana Iro Magic
Yu Asagiri
Nanako's lucky number is seven. She was born on July 7th and is the seventh student in her school's seventh class. Seated next to her Kazuki Kobayashi who moonlights as a dancer. Kazuki knows Nanako's sister, who is also a dancer. Through a series of events Kazuki ends up living with Nanako.

8. Miracle Girls
Nami Akimoto
Tomomi and Mikage are identical twins with special powers. Together, they are able to teleport and communicate telepathically. The athletically challenged Mikage begs Tomomi to switch identities with her for her school's sports day track meet, where she and Tomomi are teamed with Mikage's arch-enemy Yūya Noda, in the relay race. Tomomi, however, finds herself drawn to Yūya.

9. Megami
Chie Waseda
A short romance story follows a naive teenager and she discovers what it means to "like" someone.

10. Yōkoso! Hohoemi Ryō e
Yui Ayumi & Satsuo Endō
Makoto and Makoto are two students at a co-ed boarding house with the same name. They both find themselves attracted to one another but dating between boarders is prohibited.

Nakayoshi announced the following release schedule for the reprints:
July 3

  • Kingyo Chūihō! 1-3
  • Da! Da! Da! 1-3
  • Miracle Girls 1-3
  • Jigoku de Mes ga Hikaru 1 (complete)

August 6

  • Ohayō! Spank 1-3
  • Yōkoso! Hohoemi Ryō e 1-3
  • Kingyo Chūihō! 4-6
  • Da! Da! Da! 4-6
  • Miracle Girls 4-6

September 5

  • Nana Iro Magic 1-3
  • Megami 1 (complete)
  • Ohayō! Spank 4-5
  • Yōkoso! Hohoemi Ryō e 4-5
  • Kingyo Chūihō! 7-8
  • Miracle Girls 7-9
  • Da! Da! Da! 7-9

October 6

  • Azuki-chan 1-3
  • Tokyo Mew Mew 1-3
  • Nana Iro Magic 4-6
  • Ohayō! Spank 6-7

November 6

  • Azuki-chan 4-5
  • Tokyo Mew Mew 4-5

December 4

  • Tokyo Mew Mew 6-7

Source: Comic Natalie

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