Amazon Japan's Evangelion Box Set Includes SEELE Danbo

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The cardboard box character from Yotsuba&! is getting a creepy makeover for Amazon Japan's limited edition Neon Genesis Evangelion Blu-ray and DVD releases. The character has inspired its own figures, stop-motion shorts, and photo book in the past.

This version of Danbo is painted to look like the SEELE monoliths seen in the series.

The painted Danbo is only one of over 20 different bonus items being bundled with the set. Each item varies based on the retailer and includes:

  • SEELE Danbo (Amazon Japan)
  • Thermos (NTV)
  • Framed illlustration (Happinet)
  • QUO card [DVD] (
  • Canvas art [Blu-ray] (
  • Canvas art feat. Rei and her Eva [Blu-ray] (Circle K Sunkus)
  • Book card feat. Rei and her Eva [DVD] (Circle K Sunkus)
  • Library card (Coach and Four)
  • Multi-cleaner cloth set (WonderGOO)
  • Tote bag feat. Kaworu (Bunkyodo Hobby & Animega)
  • A4 Binder (Sofmap)
  • Drinking glass (Toranoana)
  • Nanako card feat. Asuka (Seven net)
  • Edy card feat. the series' logo (Rakuten Books)
  • Postcard Set feat. Kaworu, Shinji, Misato, Rei, & Asuka (Rakuten Books)
  • Seele speaker (Animate)
  • Rubik's Cube (HMV Loppi)
  • Clear File feat. Kaworu, Asuka, Shinji & Rei (Tsutaya)
  • Notebook (Gamers)
  • Mousepad feat. Rei (Neowing)
  • Teacup (King e-SHOP)

The series will be released in Japan on August 28 for 41,040 yen (US$343) for the Blu-ray set.

[Via Minna no Eva Fan blog]

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