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Book Chronicles Sailor Moon's Effect on a Generation of Women

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

How much has Sailor Moon, one of the most popular and influential magical girls of all time, truly shaped the lives of its many adoring fans? An upcoming book is about to answer that question.

The experiences of the many female fans of Sailor Moon have been recorded in The Society of the Sailor Moon Generation by Toyoshi Inada, which will be published later this month. The book will analyze the anime's many characters using aspects of gender theory and will examine the impact that the show as a whole has had on women today who grew up on the show when they were little, referred to as the "Sailor Moon Generation."

Even after ending more than 20 years ago, the classic Sailor Moon anime perseveres today with its immense following. That following, now consisting partly of woman in their late-20s/early-30s, found an exceptional role model in Usagi Tsukino during their impressionable formative years. Now that some have married, given birth, and firmly settled into society, this upcoming book will detail their reflections on how the Sailor Guardians have shaped their lives and positively defined for them what it means to be a woman. It will also look at various sociological elements surrounding the anime, such as the taboo of sexuality in young girl's animation.

With applications of relevant and controversial issues applied to such an iconic anime, The Society of the Sailor Moon Generation will undoubtedly be a most interesting read. The book is set to release in Japan on May 22.

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[Via Kai-You]

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