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Ninja Dance Along to the Shuriken Sentai Nin'ninger Ending Theme

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Toei's Shuriken Sentai Nin'ninger, the company's latest Super Sentai special-effects series premiered in February. The ending credits roll to the "Nan ja Mon ja! Ninja Matsuri!" theme song by Daiki Ise. Given the Super Sentai show's theme, it was only a matter of time before costumed ninja danced along to the song.

The video is part of a collaboration that started in March that asks viewers to upload their own attempts to do the dance. A special event will be held at Toei Kyoto Studio Park where Japanese period dramas are filmed. The theme park hosts a ninja show and cafe. On June 21, the Nin'ninger cast will perform the theme song for audiences.

Shuriken Sentai Nin'ninger marks the 40th anniversary of Toei's Super Sentai franchise. The story takes place after The Last Ninjer sealed away all the yokai in the world. This lasted until The Last Ninjer's death, when the yokai returned. His descendants, five cousins, battle the yokai as the Nin'ninger.

For more Super Sentai dancing, the cast of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music film collaborated with Japan's J-League soccer teams and danced in and out of costume with J-League soccer players, team mascots, and a few children, too.

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