Kickstarter Campaign Launches to Fund Competitive Pokémon Documentary

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Two-time U.S. national Pokemon champion Wolfe Glick launched a Kickstarter campaign with director and cameraman Dan Karlok (Law & Order, Asleep at the Wheel: The Making of 'Ride with Bob') and producer Matt Weaver (Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Chef's Table) to make a documentary about international competitive Pokémon players.

To Be The Very Best will follow several competitive players up until their matches at the Pokemon Video Game World Championships. Glick is himself previously took second place at the World Championship. The documentary plans to follow U.S. player and three-time World Champion Ray Rizzo and Aaron Zheng (who is also in charge of the film's social media).

The campaign is attempting to raise US$50,000 by June 20. The staff plan to add stretch goals to include more players outside of the U.S.

[Via IGN]

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