Ayuru Ōhashi, Atsumi Tanezaki, Hibiku Yamamura Leave Toritori Talent Agency

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Company merged with Trias Pro to become Power Rise

Voice actresses Ayuru Ōhashi (pictured right), Atsumi Tanezaki, and Hibiku Yamamura each announced separately that they are leaving the Toritori Talent Agency. The announcements come at the same time as Toritori merging with the Trias Pro talent agency. The new company changed its name to Power Rise.

Ōhashi announced she will go freelance. Tanezaki posted a letter on Twitter:

For many years, I have been in Tori Tori Talent Agency's care while learning how to perform well on my own. I feel like I have attained a lot of courage during my long time under this place. I have been [instilled] with various words up until now. Yet I must hold firm to my actions and keep in mind their meanings. Until now, I've been doing my best towards my dream for everyone who's been cheering for me since I was little; that hasn't changed as I've been fortunate enough to keep at it with full force. As I remain in everyone's hearts, I aim to be able to continue my work as an actor further with greater goals and devotion. I look forward to whatever is in store for me after this.

Yamamura will join the Haikyo actor co-op effective immediately. She left the following comments on her blog:

I, Hibiku Yamabuki, have left Tori Tori to join Haikyo. I have nothing but sincere gratitude to Tori Tori for giving me so many opportunities. Holding their teachings close to my heart, I shall step up to new heights and new places. In music and voice acting, I'll continue to do my best so that my voice may still reach all of you. I hope to continue having your support.

Ōhashi is currently starring as Aoi in Wish Upon the Pleiades. Her other roles include Eila Ilmatar Jūtilainen in Strike Witches, Adéle Balfette in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Oryō in Girls und Panzer, and Anju Yūki in Love Live! School idol project.

Tanezaki is signed on to star as Mikhail in the upcoming Gangsta anime, Emilia in Durarara!!×2 Ten, and is currently appearing in Seraph of the End as Sayuri Hanayori. She previously voiced Lisa Mishima in Terror in Resonance and Nagi Kodachi in A Good Librarian Like A Good Shepherd.

Yamamura is the voice of Asuramaru in Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign and Kirara Amanogawa/Cure Twinkle in Go! Princess Precure. She voiced Haruna in Arpeggio of Blue Steel and also performed theme songs with Mai Fuchigami and Manami Numakura as the trio Trident.

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