Twitter Users Discuss the 'Absolute Area' of the Ponytail

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

Net users in Japan are currently chiming in on a relatively new and strange trope for fictional female characters: the "Absolute Area" of the ponytail hairstyle.

Image from TV Tropes

The Absolute Area, or "Zettai Ryouiki", is a name for the area of bare skin between a girl's skirt and the stockings or socks she wears with them; the amount of skin that can be seen in between these article of clothing—in other words, the Absolute Area—can be indicative of moe attributes in a certain character. A new dress is even being designed to highlight this portion of skin. Though this trope has been normally applied to girls wearing such articles of clothing, it is now being extended to those wearing ponytail hairstyles.

The new trope has been posed by Japanese illustrator and Twitter user Viento, who views the Absolute Area of the ponytail between the tied-back hairline above the ear and any remaining bangs hanging on the front of her head, expressing their personal appreciation of this area. Fellow users have commented stating that they sympathize with this attraction.

The term "Absolute Area" is derived from the giant robot anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, which utilized AT Fields (Absolute Terror) or the force fields used by the robotic Angels.

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