Subtle Tony Tony Chopper Rumble Ball Necklace is Beautiful

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

The One Piece Premium Collection of highly collectible trinkets sees its newest item dedicated to the Straw Hats' cutest crew member.

The Premium Collection now presents the Tony Tony Chopper Sakura and Snow Rumble Ball jewel pendant. Stylized after the special pill that grants the medical reindeer access to his many combative forms, this special pendant consists of a spherical metal shell, either side formed to resemble sakura petals and snowflakes, that houses a glittering ball-shaped cut of cubic zirconia. Its main feature is the special cut of diamond embedded within the center of the casing.

It comes with a detachable chain of either Chopper's standard hat or a lone sakura petal.

Two versions of the pendant are available, one in sterling silver and the other in rose gold.

As a special bonus, the pendants come in a special case with the emblem of Chopper's mentor, Doctor Hiluluk, emblazoned on the front.

The item is currently up for sale on the online Premico shop at, each going for 21,384 yen (about US$172). Only 5,000 of these pendants were produced.

[Via Presepe]

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