ANN Readers: Your Top 10 Food Wars! Characters

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

On Monday, Weekly Shōnen Jump announced the results of its Food Wars: Shokugeki no Sōma character poll. Japanese readers selected protagonist Yukihira Sōma as their favorite. We opened our own poll to see how fans following along with Viz's manga releases and the anime adaptation streaming Crunchyroll felt about the competitive cooking series' chefs.

Except for a few change-ups, ANN readers' tastes closely resembled the Weekly Shonen Jump results with Sōma taking the lead. The biggest difference was ANN user's preference for the anxious Megumi Tadokoro, who took second.

  1. Yukihira Sōma
  2. Megumi Tadokoro
  3. Erina Nakiri
  4. Satoshi Isshiki
  5. Ikumi Mito
  6. Takumi Aldini
  7. Alice Nakiri
  8. Hisako Arato
  9. Kojirō Shinomiya (tie)
  10. Shun Ibusaki (tie)
  11. Ryō Kurokiba (tie)
  12. Akira Hayama (tie)

Top 10 Food Wars! Characters (Weekly Shonen Jump)

  1. YUKIHIRA SŌMA (6,451 votes)
  2. Erina Nakiri (5,046 votes)
  3. Takumi Aldini (4,918 votes)
  4. Megumi Tadokoro (2,817 votes)
  5. Hisako Arato (1,901 votes)
  6. Alice Nakiri (1,900 votes)
  7. Kojirō Shinomiya (1,882 votes)
  8. Akira Hayama (1,720 votes)
  9. Ikumi Mito (1,462 votes)
  10. Satoshi Isshiki (1,422 votes)

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